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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Queensland Trip July 2012

Left home on the Tuesday 17th July and headed North towards Qld to visit with our daughter Daina and the grandkids Makayla & Hollie as well as some of our other friends.

On the 1st day we travelled as far as Macksville and went and visited with our friends John & Libby on their Macadamia farm out at Utungun which is out towards Taylor's Arm and the Pub with No Beer which was made famous in the song by Slim Dusty who also hailed from around this area.

John met us on the road in and directed us to their farm and we finally settled in at an idyllic setting with their quaint house overlookjing a beatiuful pond etc. It is an absolute magic place.

We had 2 wonderful days visiting with John & Libby and on the Wednesday Pat & Cheryl (members from a forum I am a member of) also came over for lunch and we had a great afternoon chatting with them as well.

In the morning a heap of kangaroos would come out of the Macadamia Trees and sit with their bellies into the sun and sun themselves for some time. Quite cute to see.

Camped at John & Libby's

John & Libby's house

Kangaroos sunning themselves

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog.

Day 3 Macksville to Caloundra

We packed up and left reasonably early on Thursday morning and headed off North towards Caloundra. Had an uneventful trip and just took our time heading up the highway. Went to re-fuel at the United service station at Harwood, and we were lined up next in line to get fuel when the owner came out and apologised and said that they had just run out of diesel. Lucky we still had a fair bit left in the tanks, so we ended up re-fuelling at Ballina which is pretty good considering how far we have travelled whilst towing. Whilst in Ballina we also decided to stop and have some lunch and then continued on our way after a nice relaxing lunch.

We finally arrived at Daina's around 5.30pm and parked the van and settled in for a few days to visit with them.

We stayed for 4 days just enjoying their company and then on the Monday we went up and visited and stayed overnight with our 'Fraser Friends' Herb & Dors at Yandina Creek.

Had a terrific time catching up with them as well and on Tuesday we headed back to Daina's where we had our last night and readied to pack up and leave on the Wednesday morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog.

Day 9 Caloundra to Hodgson Vale - Toowoomba.

Day 9 - Wednesday 25th July, we packed up said our goodbyes to Daina, Makayla & Hollie and headed off around 8.30am South on the Bruce Hwy to Caboolture where we turned off the highway and took the D'Aguilar Hwy thru Caboolture to Kilcoy & Esk and from Esk headed towards Hampton where we climbed the Great Dividing Range up to Hampton. This is route we took..

It was a long and slow haul up the range but we done it without any problems whatsoever. There were sections that were flood damaged from last years floods but overall was a good run up and we had to take a detour when just out of Hampton as they were working on the road.

Finally got into Toowoomba and drove through the city and out the other side and made our way to Hodgson Vale where we stayed with Ed & Ros some friends we met at Nyah on the Murray River in 2011.

We stayed for 2 nights with Ed & Ros and had a great time with them showing us about the area as well. We also made some 'RosMar Windbreaks'. These are made form ripstop nylon and are about 6 metres long with pockets sewn in. We put uprights into the pockets which hold the material up and these allow you to sit around a fire etc and keeps the wind etc off your back and helps in keeping you warm. When we have ours set up around our choofer next time I will take some pics and post them here.

Day 11 - Hodgson Vale to Texas

We said our farewells to Ed & ros and headed off towards Clifton and fueled up at Eaton Vale Roadhouse at Cambooya and then turned right and made our way towards Leyburn. This is the town where Shane Webcke owns the pub and he painted it's roof red & blue after losing a bet with Matty Johns when the Broncos lost their game against the Knights in May 2010.

After going through Leyburn we headed back out to the Cunningham Hwy at Karara and made our way towards Inglewood and turned off on the Stanthorpe - Inglewood Rd and made our way to Texas which is on the NSW/Qld border and right on the Dumaresq River.

We went to a free camp on the outskirts of town and the place was quite crowded. After driving aorund we were abel to find a spot near 2 other vans and settled in for the afternoon/night.

Not long after arriving and setting up we saw a gold coloured 200 Series Cruiser towing a gold coloured Kedron Top Ender pull into the site and I thought I knew who owned the rig. Sure enough on checking the names on the back it belonged to Chris & Val members of the Caravaners Forum.

I got in touch with them thru the forum private messaging system and they ended up giving me a call, and came back and camped near us and we had a great afternoon chatting with them and enjoying their company.

We were

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog.

Day 12 Texas to Home

We awoke to a cold and frosty morning with it being 0.2°C outside.

Slowly packed up and then said our goodbyes to everyone and headed off towards Warialda and then onto Moree and continued on to Narrabri. We stopped and had some lunch at a roadside rest area the other side of Narrabri and then decided to continue on and eventually ended up driving all the way home arriving about 6.30pm.

We had a great trip and really enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Catch you out there,

Pop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog