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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog


Page 1

On this trip we are lucky this time in that we have a total of 6 weeks to travel.

We intend to travel to Isisford Qld which is a small town about 130Km’s south of Longreach on the Barcoo River. It is located virtually south of and in between the 2 towns of Longreach and Blackall.

We are travelling there with our very good & dear friends Ed & Ros and intend to stay in the council supplied campground there for a few weeks, if not the whole holiday.

We intend to leave home on Monday 15th June and heading to Bingara where we will stay overnight in our favourite place at the camp ground on the Gwydir River.

On Tuesday we will head to Nindigully Pub where we will meet up with Ed & Ros and then we will stay 2 nights there as we have game 2 of the State of Origin on the Wednesday night - GO THE BLUES!!!!!!

On Thursday morning we will then head off to St. George, then turn back eastwards to Westmar, then north to Meandarra and then back west to Surat where we plan to stop in the campground on the river there. The reason we are going a roundabout way is that Ed & Ros used to manage a farm out that way and they want to show us around the area a bit.

From Surat we will then head towards Roma and then maybe go and stay a couple of nights at Judd’s Lagoon at Yuleba and then head back thru Roma to Morven, then up to Blackall and onto Isisford. A total of about 1716 Klms.

We intend to stay at Isisford for an extended period, and if all goes well, we may stay the entire time there. Will just wait and see.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog.

We bought and fitted a rear windscreen protector for the Landcruiser for when we go on this trip.

Nothing worse than having a stone etc thrown up onto the rear screen and getting it broken.

Repairing it is not the problem, replacing it somewhere in the middle of nowhere is.

It is made from polycarbonate sheeting especially cut so it conforms to the screens shape.

Another view

Day 1 - Home to Bingara

Finally got ourselves sorted and headed off at 10.40am and had an uneventful but good trip to Bingara arriving around 4.30pm and the sun was already going down and it was getting a tad cool.

Stopped at the tyre place in Singleton to get my wheels balanced after having new tyres put on the van the other week and they never balanced them, but when we pulled up they were flat out so decided to give it a miss and will try in Moree on Tuesday morning. Mightn't be as busy there.

Stayed indoors all night and went to bed rather early as we were both tired from being up early, rushing around getting the last minute things done and Oma to respite and plus all the travelling etc.

Going to have a leisurely drive to Nindigully on Tuesday and then sit back and relax for 2 nights also watch the State of Origin on Wednesday night there.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 2 – Bingara to Nindigully Pub

Up bright and early to an overcast and rainy morning. Started to rain ever so slightly about 7.30am although Grandma said that she heard a few raindrops during the night.

Left at 7.40am and headed to Moree where we re-fueled, Grandma went to the supermarket and bought some last minute groceries and we checked out the tyre places but they were all very busy so decided against getting the wheels done. So far everything has travelled OK and they don’t usually balance van or trailer tyres so will let it go for the time being.

Left Moree around 9am and made our way to Mungindi and then Nindigully Pub. Started to rain a lot heavier along the way to Mungindi and at times was quite heavy.

Arrived at Nindigully Pub just on midday and found our friends Ed & Ros and set up the van opposite them just off the newly tar sealed roundabout they have installed here. We are on a type of crushed granite base at present which is very firm but still muddy when you walk in it after the rain etc.

It has rained most of the afternoon with some quite heavy downpours at times and the forecast is for heavy rain for a few hours later this evening. We are high and dry though and warm and comfortable which is the main thing.

So now we just sit it out and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Will be able to at least watch the State of Origin in the pub tomorrow night if need be.


Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 3 - Nindigully Pub

Morning after all the rain last night.

Rained all night, at times quite heavy as well.

Woke to a clear sky but lots of water and muddy puddles around.

Just had an easy day sitting around chatting etc, had nice hot showers at the pub etc and later that afternoon we went to the pub for dinner where Grandma & I shared a mixed grill together. They are $45 each but feed 2 people and was a great BIG meal which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We then watched MIGHTY BLUES beat the living daylights out of those rotten Maroons in game 2 of the State of Origin. Final Score was 26-18 to NSW. I think there were more NSW supporters in the pub than Qlder’s. J We now can’t wait for Game 3 to be on.

Back to the van and into bed after the game as we were heading off in the morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day4 – Nindigully to Wallumbilla

Up reasonably early, packed up and headed off for St George where we refuelled at the BP Fuel Depot, Fuel there was $1.35.9 cpl. All of us then did some last minute grocery shopping etc, went to The Unique Egg and Grandma had a look around and got some pics, whilst I looked after Beau.

We then headed off and made our way eastwards to Westmar where we stopped for lunch. We then headed north to Meandarra where we again stopped for a short pit stop and had a quick look about the town.

After Meandarra we headed west again to Glenmorgan where we stopped and had a look at the Vintage Car museum and then made our way to Surat arriving there around 3.30pm.

When we got to Surat the campground there was chock a block full of vans, campers, tents etc and heaps of mud, slop, slush and water everywhere so we decided to press on to Roma and see if we could make Judd's Lagoon at Yuleba.

By the time we got to Wallumbilla we were all stuffed so we decided to stay there at the showgrounds for the night and head out to Judd's Lagoon in the morning. It is pretty damp and muddy at this spot too so we stopped up on the hard road surface for the night. Otherwise everything else is really good.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Grandma took a few pics of the different carved Emu eggs in the gallery. They are truly wonderful how he has done them and they are so fragile and delicate as well. There are some fantastic pieces there, sadly none of the eggs are for sale.

After leaving St George we headed to Westmar, Meandarra and then Glenmorgan where there is a vintage car museum.

Here are some pics of some of the cars there.

A very well restored Model T Ford and old Ford Mercury plus an old Reo Flying Cloud.

It's a very interesting place and well worth a visit.

Day5 – Wallumbilla to Judd’s Lagoon

Only a short drive of around 22 k's this morning and we're now at Judd's Lagoon, Yuleba which is about 65 k's east of Roma. Couldn't quite make it last night as we were all buggered from the BIG touristy type of trip yesterday.

We had planned to stop at Surat but when we got there it was that packed and muddy we decided to try and make it to here before it got too dark. We decided that Wallumbilla Showgrounds would do so we stayed there night. Showers, water, dump point and power provided and only require a 'donation'

We didn't plug into power etc so we paid $10 for the night's stay as we also used their dump point and filled the tanks with drinking water as every bit helps these small communities.

Had a good rest, up this morning and went the extra 22k's we needed to get to here.

Luckily we did as would've been lucky to get a spot last night, but we now have a good little spot here.

We will stop here till Monday morning when we will make tracks west again.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day8 – Judd’s Lagoon to Morven

Been sitting back and really relaxing at Judd’s Lagoon and another of our friends, Herb & Dors from the Sunshine Coast in Qld arrived Sunday afternoon and are now travelling further west with us.

So after 3 wonderful and restful days we packed up and headed off this morning (Monday 22 July, 2015) to Yuleba where we re-fuelled the cars and Grandma had a big run in with a guy who decided to push in front of us whilst we were waiting inline to get to the bowser. She really gave him a piece of her mind and the service station owner apologised sincerely on his behalf saying that his behaviour was well out of character. Still didn’t help the fact the way he pushed in and what he said to Grandma.

We then headed west back to Wallumbilla Showground where we went to the dump point and also filled our tanks with fresh drinking water then headed a further 45k’s into Roma where the girls did some grocery shopping etc.

Herb & Dors had already gone ahead and were waiting for us on the western side of town, so after finishing all the shopping and loading the vans we then headed out towards Mitchell and our destination of Morven.

Met up with Herb & Dors about 4 k’s west of town and then we made our way to Amby where Ed had to stop for a quick pit stop. We then proceeded on to Mitchell where we stopped for some lunch from the local bakery who supposedly makes great pies. We weren’t over fussed with their pies but I thought that they weren’t too bad.

We then left Mitchell and continued on to Morven where we again re-fuelled at the truck stop just before you enter the town and then we made our way to the Recreation Ground campsite.

When we got here there must be at least 100 vans here and we had trouble finding a spot to park up for the night, but we were lucky enough to find one in the corner and we grabbed it and then had an enjoyable afternoon chatting with each other before dinner.

As night was closing in it was getting quite cold, and not having a fire tonight we all decided to wander indoors to our respective vans for the night and have a nice early night before heading off again tomorrow for Blackall and possibly Isisford, depending on how we feel when we get to Blackall.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 9 – Morven to Isisford

Packed up at Morven and left around 8am, took some pics of the Kerosene Tin Hut and then made our way to Augathella, then stopped and had morning tea at Augathella North Rest Area. We then went further to Tambo & Blackall arriving at midday after having done 311 k’s so stopped and had lunch and decided we would still press on to Isisford as it was only a further 122k’s.

Arrived here in Isisford around 2.30pm and it too is packed with mainly Victorian travellers. We were again lucky to find a half OK spot in a sunny location for the 3 vans and have setup here now for the duration. Plenty of shady spots amongst the trees which are no good for us though.

Ed & Ros know a few of the people near us as they met them here last year and they mentioned that one of the group maybe leaving in a few days which open up a better spot that will fir the 3 vans so we may move to there if they do decide to leave, will see how we go, but at present it’s not too bad here.

Still very dry, dusty and barren out in this neck of the woods from the effects of the drought, even though they had that rain a week back green patches have popped up but still needs a lot more rain to sort things out around this area. It’s terrible to see.

The campground is $3/night or $15/week with no time limit. There are toilets and potable water available and also a dump point. Free hot showers also available in the town behind the council offices. The townsfolk are very welcoming and love the travellers as a lot of their $’s is their financial support for the year. Apparently the local café puts on a BIG breakfast and they are all saying it is well worth the $’s.

One of the travellers here is the cook there and reckons they pack them in every morning. Also the pub apparently has great meals as well so no doubt we will spend a few $’s in town over the next few weeks.

Temp was 25°C here yesterday and down to 14°C last night which is very pleasant considering its only 8°C at home.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Pics of the Kerosene Tin Hut and Main Street of Morven

Oma Waterhole

Went for a trip out to Oma Waterhole which is another campsite alongside a watercourse about 17 km’s from Isisford.

The road out is gravel and very rough in places, but the land out there is very dry and barren due to the drought and we wonder at how the poor property owners are surviving after all these years of drought.

They had some rain last week but this has hardly made an impact on the landscape and the amount of kangaroos etc out here would have the green pick gone within a week or 2 it is so barren and desolate.

We took some pics of the landscape just to show how bad it is out here.

Finally came back to our campsite and last night sat around a nice Gidyea (Gidgee) timber fire. We are able to get the Gidyea firewood about 6k’s out of town and it’s all piled up and made available by the local council here, you just need to go out there and cut it.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog


Friday & Saturday 26th & 27th June

Washing Day at Isisford

We moved camp Friday morning to a spot up higher behind where we were originally stopped.

It’s on much leveller ground and also a lot higher up and will be heaps better should we get rain etc and we are now further from the road and less dust too.

On Friday we all went to the local café for lunch and had fish, chips & salad and was a very nice meal for $10 each. Grandma doesn’t like fish so she had a steak burger instead.

One of the ladies working at the café lives in the motorhome parked next door to us here and she said that they did 70 meals yesterday and were kept on their toes all day long. That’s amazing for such a small little town.

Awoke to another bright and sunny morning with temp reaching 21°C so far at 11am and not a cloud in the sky. We are getting good amps pumped back into the batteries but because where we are now, there is quite a large tree which casts a bit if shade on us in the morning so the batteries will take a bit longer to fill up than normal.

We are heading out again this afternoon for some more firewood as our stocks are slowly dwindling down, so going to replenish them. There is heaps of Gidgee out at the spot supplied by the council, just need to cut it yourself.

The girls done the washing this morning and have it hung out all over the place so presently looks like a Chinese laundry around the place J

We are all having a great time, mainly sitting back and just taking things easy and relaxing. It is so relaxing here it’s great.

Have caught a few redclaw yabbies from one of the local dams but the fish are not on the bite as yet. Ed & Herb caught about 2 dozen or so this morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog


Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 28th & 29th & 30th June

We’ve just been sitting back relaxing and having a great time with some terrific friends here.

On Saturday afternoon a couple of vans pulled in and they are entertainers who are on their way to Ilfracombe and then Longreach and a few other places where they are booked out for the next 2 months. They have already been to Charleville where they performed and now are on their way further North. Apparently they do this every year and travel the outback entertaining people on their way. They camped near us and had a bit of a sing-a-long by themselves Saturday night and had the campers gather round on Sunday & Monday evening/night.

One pair of the group is a duo called the Silver Fox and they sing all varied songs from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. The other guy with them, whose name we didn’t get sings mainly country music.

They have a happy hour sing-a-long tell you to bring your chair, drinks and nibblies and just ask for a small gold coin donation for their troubles.

We went down on Sunday evening and joined in the fun but on Monday night just stayed back at our camp as they are just down from us and we were still able to join in the sing-a-long.

We had a really great afternoon.

On Sunday we also went and cut some more Gidyea (Gidgee) wood for the fire and now have a nice small stockpile before we need to go and cut some more.

It has been that warm here of an evening so far that we have hardly burnt any wood as there is no need for a raging hot fire and the heat from the Gidgee is plentiful, so there’s no need to pile it on. Maybe if the temps drop some we may need to have a bigger fire but so far what we have had has been great.

We have planned to go to Longreach on Wednesday morning to stock up on some more supplies etc and get our gas bottles filled etc. They only have very basic groceries etc at the local store here and we need to get some more meat and a few other odds and sods so decided to take a trip in for something to do. It’s only about 117K’s to Longreach so we’ll make a day of it as well.

We have had some rain here Tuesday evening, so if it hasn’t eased by Wednesday morning we won’t be going to Longreach as it will be just too muddy here to drive on and we will stay put for the time being and head into town on Thursday, but it should be OK if this rain does ease tonight.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

We had a look at the old bakery in town here that has been turned into a museum - it's just as if someone had walked out and left the place as is, some years earlier. The ovens, trays, mixers etc are all still here and would more than likely still work with some TLC.

Pics of the Silver Fox entertainers at happy hour on Sunday afternoon/evening which was very entertaining and a great afternoon/evening

Isisford to Longreach & return

Wednesday 1st July.

The rain eased overnight and we woke to clear blue skies and beautiful weather, although the ground around the area was pretty tacky from the rain.

Decided to head off into Longreach so we organised ourselves and headed off around 9.30am and drove the 120 odd kilometres into Longreach via Ilfracombe.

Once we hit the Landsborough Highway at Ilfracombe, the amount of caravans and motorhomes travelling both ways was unbelievable. There were heaps and heaps of them. The caravan park at Ilfracombe was chock full of vans etc so doubt there would’ve been a vacancy there.

Also the amount of kangaroo carcasses on the side of the highway between Ilfracombe and Longreach was unbelievable. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of them in various states of decay. This is the terrible effects of the drought that has engulfed this area for quite some years now. The land is very barren and dry.

Finally made it to Longreach where we done our much needed shopping etc and then headed back for home around 1pm arriving back here about 2.15pm unpacked it all and then sat back and relaxed and later in the evening sat around the fire for a few hours last night before heading off to bed nice and early.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog


Thursday 2nd thru to Sunday 5th July.

 Just been sitting around relaxing and enjoying the area.

The Redclaw yabbies are very scarce at the moment as we have been having some quite cool to cold nights, which is making the water cold and the yabbies are heading into the mud and not as active if it was a lot warmer. Fish are also not on the bite at the moment.

The days have been brilliant with some really warm to hot days full of sunshine and no clouds. It has been fantastic.

We all went to the Clancy of the Overflow Hotel last night for dinner. I had a seafood platter and Grandma, Ed & Ros had crumbed cutlets and all of our meals were really delicious and there was that much we all struggled to get through them all. Had a good night, however because we had to take Beau the Wonder Dog with us we had to sit outside on the veranda, however the atmosphere out there was quite good as well albeit a bit on the coolish side.

The mornings have been getting down to around the 5°C to 7°C mark, but the days are warming from around 24°C to up as high as 28°C which is quite warm.

It is very quiet and relaxing place here and great to just sit back, chill out, relax and enjoy the serenity, the atmosphere and also great company.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog


Monday 6th July.

We decided to go for a drive out to Emmet & Yaraka today and have lunch at the Yaraka Hotel.

Yaraka is about 109K’s south east of here and a lot of gravel road between here and Emmet and then all really good tar sealed road to Yaraka.

We stopped at Emmet however there is nothing there except an old railway station and one house, nothing else. Took some pics and then headed off for Yaraka.

Got to Yaraka around lunchtime and went to the pub and I recognised the lady behind the bar and wondered where I had seen her face before. After listening to her speak I remembered that the whole family was featured on ABC’s Australian Story some time back. I asked her this and she replied that it was and that show was aired back in April of this year. This is the story about them :-​012 and here as well :-

We had a great lunch and then left and went to Mt. Slocombe a local landmark and unreal lookout and had a look around the district from up there and then made our way back home after a very enjoyable day out.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Isisford Wood Gathering

Tuesday 7th July.

Awoke to another glorious morning. Temp’s have risen to 29°C here today with a gorgeous blue sky and no clouds.

We were starting to get low on firewood so this morning Ed went over and asked one of the locals if we could borrow a trailer and the old mate let him have his.

So the 4 of us went out to get a trailer load of Gidgee and no sooner had we started using the chainsaw then the chain was blunt. No worries swap it out with a new one that I have.

No go!!!! The new chain I have, the runner guides are too wide for the bar channel so we had to sharpen the old chain by hand before we could cut any more.

The old mate told us of an easier spot to go and get the wood, so we went out there and it was heaps better and easier to get to. We ended up with a fair pile of great Gidyea (Gidgee) wood and brought it back, unloaded it and took the trailer back but the bloke wasn’t there. We are going to offer him some $’s for allowing us to use it so are now awaiting his return so we can give him some money.

Rest of the afternoon just going to be taking things easy.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog


8th thru to 11th July.

Yes we are still here. Just been sitting back and relaxing and doing very little but enjoying the peace and serenity of this place and really de-stressing.

Other than the normal chores of emptying toilet cassettes, filling the bladder with water and then the van tanks, washing clothes etc we pretty well just sit around and veg out.

It has been a terrific, peaceful and restful holiday for us.

Everything is working as it should, we have had no power worries etc and our solar is topping up the batteries every day. The weather has been virtually perfect, other than for a couple of days where we had a bit of rain or cloud, but other than this it has been beautiful with days reaching 28°C and evenings being quite pleasant with some reasonably cool nights.

In town a lot of the buildings have been left as they are and are real museum pieces in that the items on the shelves are as they were back some years ago. We went to one of the stores the other day called Cooper & Brockhurst and it was just like going back in time.

Last Wednesday we had a young boy come around selling tickets in a 100 Club Raffle. That is where there are 100 numbers and you pay $2.00 for a number of your choice (if it is available of course) and then when it is fully subscribed a number is picked at random and whoever wins gets $100 prizemoney with the other $100 going towards some fundraiser, and in this case it was for a college in Rockhampton.

We bought 2 tickets as did Ed & Ros and lo and behold on Friday they rang our phone and informed Grandma that she had won the $100 prizemoney. Well she couldn’t get up there quick enough to claim her prize and now she is going to head off to Longreach one day next week to spend her spoils. J.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we now only have 1 more week here to go before we start heading back for home next Saturday the 18th.

We have decided to head back via the Mitchell Highway thru Charleville, Cunnamulla, Bourke, Nyngan our old favourite stop at Mendooran and then back home again before the weekend.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Pics of the Hooper & Brockhurst store and how it has been left

Travelling Home

18th July.

Our time to leave and head for home had finally arrived, so we packed up and headed off at 9am this morning and made our way to Blackall and then Tambo where we stopped and re-fuelled and then had lunch in the rest area there.

We then headed off and made our way to Augathella North rest Area where we had originally planned to stop overnight but we arrived there just on 1pm and as there was still plenty of daylight left we decided to press on further south and see how we far we could get before we had to pull in for the evening.

We reached Charleville around 2pm and still feeling fine decided to press on towards Wyandra which is another place we had planned to possibly stay at.

Finally made it to Wyandra just on 4pm and went into the town and had a look around and the free camp advertised at the back of the P.O. didn’t look too inviting at all so we decided to head back out of town and back North towards Charleville where we saw a good little lay by on the side of the road hidden amongst some trees so we could stop there for the night.

Got back there OK settled in and now have the heater going keeping us war as it is quite cool outside.

We’ve travelled a total of around 530K’s today, which although is a lot when towing, wasn’t too bad, but we are tired and ready for a good night’s rest.

We will see how far again we can make it tomorrow as we want to be as close to home as possible as Nanny, (PopPop’s mum), was admitted to hospital yesterday with what appears to be a kidney infection which is also causing her to be delirious, so we want to be as close as possible to home in case we are needed home urgently.

Presently the grandkids are making sure she is fine and all is well and the doctors have said that she will be fine and is in good care at present.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Travelling Home

19th July.

We had a great night’s sleep at our little hide away on the side of the road. Not many trucks or cars passed by last night (maybe being a Saturday night made all the difference) awoke to quite a cold morning with frost on the bonnet and windscreen of the Cruiser, however we were warm and toasty inside with the diesel heater going and a warm 24°C.

We headed off after breakfast and made our way to Cunnamulla where we again re-fuelled and then headed off for Bourke arriving just on 1pm. Trying to find somewhere to fuel up was a challenge and we finally found a Caltex fuel depot where you have to use your card to be able to fill up. The town does look quite nice but lots of places had heavy bars around them for security.

Headed off from Bourke and made our way out of town where we stopped at Maroona Rest Area which is about 10k’s out, and had some lunch.

We then continued on to Nyngan and had a look at the Teamsters Rest Area which is an overnight free camp but it is right in the middle of the main street of town and would be rather noisy, so we continued on to Nevertire and then turned left towards Warren and stopped at Sandy Creek which is about 7.6k’s from Warren.

Another HUGE travelling day with a total of around 630 k’s travelled.

Quite a nice spot but it showed signs of a lot of recent use following rain and there were some boggy patches around, although the ground was quite firm there was still some water lying about as well.

We found ourselves a nice little spot and settled in for the night. Not long after we had set up another van came in and parked some distance from us.

We settled in for the night and had quite a good and quiet restful night’s sleep.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Travelling Home

20th July.

Awoke to another glorious morning, quite cool, but was nice and warm in the van again.

We headed off after breakfast around 8am and made our way to Warren where we went to the dump point and also re-fuelled and then made our way to Gilgandra and then onto Coonabarabran where we stopped at the local bakery and bought some nice fresh bread and a few treats as well.

Headed off and stopped a few k’s out of town at a local rest area and boy what a terrible sight it was. To show how filthy some people are (I use the term loosely when I say people), when we stopped at this large rest area just outside of Coonabarabran for a break, it had a toilet supplied and shelter as well and there was rubbish strewn everywhere and not in the garbage bins provided, and lo and behold where we stopped and after getting out of the car some downright sick and dirty mongrel had decided to defecate on the tarred section and then piled a heap of toilet paper around it. The size of it was as if a giant had been there. Not a nice sight to see when you 1st alight from your vehicle that’s for sure and Grandma all but stepped in it. It was enough to make you sick.

Naturally we didn’t stop there for long and then made our way to Narrabri where we again re-fuelled at the Shell Roadhouse just as you enter town and then made our way into town where Grandma did some grocery shopping at Woolworths to top up our depleted supplies and then headed off via Mt. Kaputar to Bingara where we arrived at our favourite campsite by the Gwydir River and where we will stay for the next 3 days before we again make our way towards home.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog