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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Queensland Outback Experience 2013

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This is our proposed itinerary for our Queensland Outback Experience 2013

We are departing home on the 19th April, heading to Bingara where we plan to freedom camp for the night and then head to Nindigully Pub near Thallon in Queensland where we will meet up with our friends Ed & Ros from Toowoomba (whom we met at Nyah free camp on our Southern Sojourn in 2011) and we will overnight at the pub and then make our way towards Cunnamulla etc after that.

Hopefully we will have a great trip with plenty of nice campfires, great places and great adventures. I will post pics etc of it all here for all to savour and enjoy.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog.

This is our proposed itinerary that we may take.

Update to Trip Plans

Queensland has experienced a lot of rain in recent weeks, of which some has also fallen in the western parts of the State, as a result this has caused minor flooding and damage to different roads in the area.

Because of this, our plans may have to change as far as where we can and can't travel, and we will just have to 'play it by ear' each day and work around the different problems we may encounter.

A check on this site and also this site shows all the different roadworks, road closures etc in the State.

So we will just have to be mindful of where we can and can't travel etc. but hopefully we will be able to get to Longreach, Winton etc which are the places we most want to visit.

Will just have to wait 'n see what eventuates.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 1 - Home to Bingara

Left home at 10.38am this morning and had a lot of heavy traffic, roadworks etc all the way to Muswellbrook.

Tried to find a nice rest area in Muswellbrook and also at Aberdeen, but they are that small around here and all totally packed out, (school holidays are on at present) decided to venture on to Scone to see if we could get a spot in a rest area there. We finally decided to stop at the rest area at Burning Mountain near Wingen as there was aplenty of room there. Had some lunch and a nice break and then continued on being held up by wide loads and more roadworks in various places.

After a looooong and tiresome day we finally arrived at Bingara at 5.05pm and are camped right alongside the river where we were showed on a map we were given the other day. What a gorgeous spot!!!

Took us this long to get here because of traffic, roadworks which would be the worst I have seen in a long time.

We have settled in for the night, might watch the Test match on tv and be up nice and early to make our way to Nindigully to meet up with our friends Ed & Ros tomorrow. Have heard form them and they are already at the pub having arrived there around 5pm this afternoon as well.

We would be no further than about 8 ft from the river bank on a marked camping track.

PopPop Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Our lovely camp spot at Bingara

Horses right near our van as well as the river bank

Glorious sunset this evening

What more could one ask for - a beautiful and relaxing location

Day 2 - Bingara to Nindigully

Woke to a beautiful morning, however we had to put the heater on as it was 4°C and there was a light mist on the river as well.

Had breakfast and got ourselves organised and hit the road by 8am towards Warialda. The road doesn’t actually take you right into Warialda, you come to Warialda Rail and then come to a T intersection where we had to turn right to head to Warialda or left to head to Moree, which was where we were going.

Arrived in Moree 9.20am, fueled up and then stopped at the rest area/dump point site as we both had to go to the loo, so I also and emptied the cassette whilst we had the chance.

Headed off towards Nindigully and had a really good trip.

The roads out here are quite rough in spots as there is a lot of flood damage and they are being repaired so there is also a hell of a lot of roadworks going on. Heaps of road rains carrying bales of cotton as well.

Got to Mungindi and then crossed over the bridge on the Barwon river and also the border into Qld.

Again the road was rough in spots, saw massive piles of cotton bales on the various properties that no doubt were ready to be carted to the gin for processing.

Before Thallon there is heaps of roadworks going on. Would be at least 30 klms of roadworks on this stretch and we had to stop and start all time time at the different sections.

Finally arrived in Nindigully at 12.05pm and met up with Ed & Ros, set up camp and sat back and had a lovely relaxing afternoon/evening just sitting around chatting.

The night cooled down quite considerably and we decided not to light a fire as there is heaps and heaps of long dead grass around and should a spark catch into this then you would never put it out, so discretion was the better part of valour in this instance.

Ended up inside and went to bed at 9.00pm as it was just too cold to sit outside.

Tomorrow we hope to make it to Cunnamulla or thereabouts.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma

Day 3 - Nindigully to Eulo

We had a motorhome parked not too far from us and they have had their generator running all night, only switching it off at 6.30 this morning but thank heavens I had a great night's sleep and didn’t hear too much of it.

Departed at 8.40am to St George where we fueled up and then we went to the Information Centre to see if we could get water and also find the dump point. They stated no water available as they only have bore water or tank water and we couldn’t get any (strange) anyway we still had plenty but thought we would top up whilst there.

Found the dump point and then went and Grandma bought some things from the local Foodworks store as well as some 5 litre bottles of spring water for our drinking water.

Headed off towards Cunnamulla and had an uneventful trip. Stopped at Bollon for lunch and then headed for Cunnamulla. There is nothing out here and it is worse than travelling along the Barrier Hwy to Broken Hill, just miles and miles of empty space, bush, heaps of roadkill in dead kangaroos, wild pigs and emus on the road, and plenty of the same on the side of the road. I don’t think we have ever seen so many emus.

We were going to check out Paddabilla Bore CAW7 #719 on our way to Cunnamulla, however the signage is so small that we were on top of it and then passed it before we realised so we continued on to Cunnamulla.

We arrived in Cunnamulla around 1.30pm, fueled up at the local servo and had a drive around the town. It's quite a pretty place actually, then made our way towards Eulo, arriving at the Paroo River freecamp CAW7 #721 around 3pm where we set up camp and as it was such a lovely spot we decided to stay here for 2 nights. Had no phone service at all and I was contemplating on connecting the GME aerial for the phone but we decided against it as we didn’t really need phone coverage as it would be good to go without for a day or 2.

Had a great evening sitting around the campfire chatting away and had an early night.

The next day (Monday) dawned to a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky and quite warm temps, so we just relaxed and took it easy and had a rather early night again, as we were packing up to head off to Noccundra the next day.

We are having a truly wonderful time with our friends Ed & Ros and enjoying our travels immensely.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 5 - Paroo River to Noccundra

Woke to another glorious but cool morning, overnight was quite warm till about 4am when the weather cooled considerably and made it better for sleeping. Was 12 °C when we awoke. We had breakfast, took our time packing up and headed off at 9am towards Thargomindah and Noccundra which is about 250K's away.

Arrived at Thargomindah around 10am, fueled up at $1.71 cpl for diesel and then also filled the water tanks, went to the dump point and emptied our cassettes, made a few phone calls as well as we had phone service here, and then made our way towards Noccundra.

The landscape here again is so diverse and interesting, one minute it is scrubby bush, then open plains, then hills then scrub again, it varies all the time.

We arrived at Noccundra Hotel around 1pm and mad our way down to the freecamp area on the Wilson River.

Wilson River Camp CAW7 #732 where we set up at a lovely spot, right on the banks of the Wilson River.

No phone service again and by the looks of things we won’t have any till we reach Quilpie tomorrow afternoon.

The weather here is fantastic, not too hot, a lovely cooling breeze is blowing but the only problem is we are having is with the little black bush flies as they are here in their millions. Bushman does nothing to stop them, we also tried Aerogard which has helped a bit but eventually the drove us back inside till late in the afternoon when we could venture out and not be invaded by these rotten little pests.

Found some firewood for tonight and we had a nice campfire right on the bank of the river which we sat around for a couple of hours before we went to bed.

Will make our way to Eromanga and then Quilpie tomorrow where we hope to camp at Quilpie

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 6 - Noccundra to Quilpie

Firstly we must say a BIG


We hope you have a truly wonderful day and have heaps of fun. We love you lots.

Go the KNIGHTS !!!!!

Awoke to another lovely morning however the flies were thick again so we packed up and headed off.

Stopped at the Noccundra Pub and took some pics and Ed wanted to have a look inside if we could. Spoke to the publican and he wasn't really interested in showing us around inside, so we took a few happy snaps and left and made our way towards Eromanga and Quilpie.

Saw quite a few gas wells as well as lots of oil wells along the way also. Some of the wells are right up close to the road.

Surprising the amount of roadkill on this stretch of road. There have been Kangaroos, cattle, emus, eagles, sheep, pigs etc etc etc. Had a mob of pigs cross the road right in front of us at one stage as wellas Emus race across the road infront of us and a few large Wedge Tailed Eagles fly off and just miss us. No Kangaroos though thank heavens.

Got to Eromanga and took some pics of the place and then headed off to Quilpie arriving about midday. Stopped at the local bakery and bought some bread etc and also went to the Foodworks store and got some more spring water for drinking as it is all bore water out here.

Fueled up and are now on the the banks of Lake Houdraman about 4.5k's out of Quilpie and we have good Telstra coverage finally.

This is a truly wonderful spot. There are about another 4 vans here but we are all spread far and wide. A lovely cooling southerly breeze is blowing keeping the temps down and not a cloud in the sky. Presently about 28°C.

Seeming though tomorrow is Anzac Day we have decided to stay here for 2 nights and just enjoy the scenery etc.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 7 - Anzac Day - Lake Houdraman - Quilpie.

Woke up prior to dawn as I couldn't sleep so sat and done some computer work and watched a glorious morning evolve with a great sunrise over the lake.

Today being Anzac Day, we will just take it easy, sit back and relax and reflect on the memories of the ANZACS.

Ed got the campfire going early so we cooked breakfast over the small campfire and enjoyed the glorious morning.

Ros decided to do some washing today as well, so Ed took the water bladder and some containers to town and filled with water for use in the washing machine etc. Grandma is also doing some washing as well.

Grandma decided to bake a cake for morning tea so she made a date loaf in the oven which even though it didn't look too good, turned out a real treat and was as tasty as could be.

I also had a few minor maintenance issues that I have attended to, but other than this all is well.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 8 - Lake Houdraman, Quilpie to Ward River Free Camp - 15k's west of Charleville

Had an early night as we were all pretty tired from a BIG day's relaxing by the lake and went to bed at 8.30pm.

Up rather early this morning, had breakfast, packed up and headed off back into Quilpie where we went to the dump point and emptied our cassettes and also called into the Information Centre and filled up our water tanks, stopped at the bakery and Foodworks grocery store for some last minute supplies and headed off at 9.20am towards Charleville.

Had a good trip although we had quite strong headwinds today which affected the fuel economy at tad but otherwise everything went well.

We finally arrived at the Ward River Freecamp CAW7 #604 which is approx 15 k's west of Charleville. Took a bit of finding to get the right track into the place, and we finally found the right one and set up camp right on the banks of the Ward River.

This is a lovely spot and we have great water views LOL.

We had some lunch having a rest and then headed into town to have a look around.

Went to town, did some shopping, got gas bottle filled, ($36.00!!!!!! ouch,) and had a look around the place and came back to camp via a rough bush track you can take about 3 k's east of here and connects with the track we used to come into here.

Apparently there is a fishing comp on this weekend here as there are a lot of fisho's and boats about.

We have decided to head off tomorrow for Augathella & then Blackall.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

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