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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Our new 'Crusader "The Inspiration" Caravan'

One morning in early January, 2010 Marie awoke me with a startle and sat upright in bed and said "We are not going to the Eyre Peninsula in the Flamingo !!" I want a full van or we don't go!!" "Fine" says I, but we have to sell the Flamingo 1st. So I prepared it for sale, put an ad in the Trading Post and sold it within 3 days. We then started looking around and were looking to possible getting a van built but the time frame was way out for us so we looked at ones already for sale on the lots and we both fell in love with a Crusader Inspiration at 7th Street, Caravans, Boolaroo and after some serious haggling with the price we secured a 21'6" Crusader 'The Inspiration" full van.

The van came with a 100A/Hr Delcor Deep Cycle Battery and I have since added 3 x 120W & 2 x 85W solar panels, 2 x Morningstar Sun Saver Duo solar regulators, an extra 120A/Hr AGM battery and 300W Morningstar Suresine Inverter.

I have also installed a Webasto Diesel Heater, have changed all the interior lighting over to bright LED's, added an accumulator in the water line, lined the rear wall of the boot with ply and added a few personal touched there as well. I have also added 2 x Caframo 'Sirocco' 12V fans which have been permanently fixed above either side of the bed. These fans a re brilliant - stir a lot of air and quiet and use very little power -.3Amps. The van is now fully set up for our travels as well as freedom camping.