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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Eyre & York Peninsula 2010

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Moulamein to Barmedman.

After a very cold night we were up nice 'n early and decided to head off.

As John & Tracy are doing it a bit tough at the moment with not many guests staying at the park, so we didn't want to impose on them for any length of time. So we paid for the one night and headed off.

As we had some time to kill before getting home Grandma suggested how about we go to Barmedman and visit with Brendan & Mandy and also see a few other of our friends here as we missed out earlier this year with the Tractor Pulls.

So we decided to push on to there and surprise them.

I wanted to go via the road back to the Sturt Hwy and then onto Hay but one of the park locals advised against it as he said it had about 22k's of dirt, but with the recent rains they had and the trucks using this road the road conditions would be bad – he suggested we travel on the Deniliquin Road to Pretty Pine and then turn left onto the Cobb Hwy and this would take us straight to Hay.

So I decided to go the way he suggested – a lot longer, about 100 klms or so, but a better drive.

Left at 7.20am and had a great run to Pretty Pine as we had the wind at our back quarter. At the Cobb Hwy turned left and headed towards Hay and all of a sudden we were losing speed etc, the wind had changed slightly and we were now pushing into it. The car handled it OK – got a bit warm in places but overall was good.

Made it to Hay where we had morning tea and then headed towards West Wyalong and with the wind at our tails again sailed along beautifully all the way. Got to Weethalle where we had lunch The place is virtually a ghost town with all the shops etc shut - all the cars in this pic belong to the ladies attending to the local CWA meeting room.

We then pushed on and made it to Barmedman at 2.30pm and surprised Mandy.

Set up and settled in – quite a cold night so Brendan decided to light his 'choofer' for a fire to warm us all – boy did it what.

Had a great night around the fire and ended up going to bed quite late.

A few friends from here coming over tonight so no doubt will have the 'choofer' going again.

Just got news from home that our washing machine packed it in this morning, so have arranged for Ross to come and repair it if he can. Never rains but pours as they say.

Can only get just get service on the Turbo USB Modem here, one bar to none and it drops in and out all the time - so before connecting the GME aerial up I tried the Blue Toaster with just it's small aerials on it's own, and am getting 2 to 3 bars - they are marvelous little modems these things that's for sure.


PopPop & Grandma

Days 20, 21, 22,23 - Barmedman

Still at Barmedman just sitting back and relaxing.

Last Friday night we had some friends from the local area call over and we sat around Wellsy's huge 'choofer' chatting etc and had quite a good night.

Brendan and Mandy, the property owners, had to go to Shepparton in Vict. (about 5 hours away) for an engagement party over the weekend, so we stayed here looking after the place for them.

On Saturday night we had some other friends of ours, as well as Wellsy's, from an adjoining township, call over and we sat around our little 'choofer' fire, had a bbq tea and just chatted and had a great night.

Awoke on Mother's Day (Sunday) and had a great morning, our friends who came over last night came back and we had a cooked breakfast with them and had a great morning.

Last night (Sunday night) we again had our 'choofer' going and cooked a baked dinner with a leg of lamb and various vegetables in our camp oven.

We decided to cook it for the Wells' too as they wouldn't be getting home till late and wouldn't be wanting to cook a meal at that hour.

It turned out fantastic and we had a great meal – Wellsy got home about 8.30pm so he had some dinner but the others had eaten already so we have plenty left over.

Just having another quiet day today, will pack a few things away ready to head off tomorrow morning to go to Peak Hill for an overnight stop and then head home on Wednesday morning.


PopPop & Grandma

Day 24 - Barmedman to Cassilis - 11/5/2010

After 4 fabulous days of just sitting back and totally relaxing we left Barmedman at 8.15am this morning and thought we would travel as far as Peak Hill, stay the night there and then we would get up early tomorrow and get over the ranges whilst the air was still cold.

Had a terrific run to Peak Hill and we were there fairly early so decided to push onto Dunedoo and stop at the free camp rest area there.

Stopped at Dubbo and had lunch and then made it to Dunedoo and went to the Nullen Rest Area #432 in Camps 5 Book only to find it is now signposted no overnight camping 'on the spot fines' apply so we pushed on a bit further and are now camped down in the bush at the Cassilis Rest area #426 in Camps 5 Book and what a lovely spot it is we are about 400 metres off the road into the bush and tucked away nicely.

Collected some firewood that I was able to cut up with the 18V Battery operated chainsaw that the kids got me for my birthday. So we will have a small campfire tonight and head off early tomorrow morning for home.

Have full phone service for internet here and also good TV reception so I can watch the Budget tonight but then again that maybe too boring for one's last night night on the road.


PopPop & Grandma

Day 25 - Cassilis Park to Home - 12/5/2010

After a terrific and very 'quiet' night we awoke nice 'n early to a rather cool morning - was 10°C inside the van - and a bit cooler outside but as we didn't have a sensor outside we did not know what the exact temp was. Will make sure we rectify this before our next trip - the little weather station I had with us worked great but the sensor in the fridge packed it in after about 5 days on the road so will more than likely take our larger Jaycar one with us next time. At least it works well. ;-)

As we were nearly all packed we didn't bother starting the Webasto Diesel Heater, just packed the remaining items up, had our breakfast and were on the road by 7am as I wanted to tackle the ranges whilst the air temp was still cold.

Before we left we checked around the area, and also the sign on the rest area and it is called the 'Cassilis Park Rest Area' not just Cassilis Rest Area so as not to confuse the issue. Definitely staying in the memory bank for our list of great spots.

We could hardly see the van & car in the background from where we were camped.

 One downside was up near the Rest area entry near the roadway, there was evidence of a few instances where some 'grubs' had emptied their toilets straight onto the ground - no wonder great places like this get closed down. Even if they had gone further into the bush to do this despicable thing at least it wouldn't stand out as much as it does just poured out straight on the track/roadway. Plenty of 'kleenex daisies' around too, yet down where we camped it was clean as a whistle, plus there is a drop toilet there as well so why they haven't used that amazes me too. Some people just don't think before they act, or do they just don't care. Makes one think of the old 'Bugger you Jack I'm Alright' syndrome.

Anyway I've had my rant, made it over all the ranges, and BIG hills etc without any dramas and had a great trip home except for all the traffic as we got closer to home - after being used to hardly any traffic to travelling in 'peak hour' was a shock to the system to say the least.

Arrived home about 10.40am and started the unpacking/cleaning phase.

The cleaning part will take some doing as we need to get all the splattered 'hoppers' off both the car and the van. We were fighting a losing battle there for some time whilst out west.

Once all done and packed away I will then tackle the overheating problem with the cruiser.

Thanks to all who have responded to my threads. it's good to know that people do get "enjoyment out of your ramblings".

Can't wait for our next trip - this time I think we are planning to go to Coober Pedy, Alice Springs etc and will definitely be freedom camping a lot more on our next trip that's for sure.

Time to get back to our cleaning

Regards to all & cya next trip

PopPop & Grandma

Total Trip

Here is a map of our total trip.

The Blue line is the trip out and the Pink line is the trip back home - preliminary mileages is the total trip, including our day trips etc, is around 6000 Klms.

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