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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Eyre & York Peninsula 2010

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Streaky Bay to Coffin Bay

Up bright and early to a rather cold morning again and packed up heading off for Coffin Bay at 8.35am.

Had a nice drive with the wind at our tails and 'pushing' us along a a steady rate.

About 10k's out from Elliston we stopped at a roadside stall called 'Colton' that sells freshly baked 'wood fired' bread on an 'honesty basis' . So we stopped and bought some buns and a cob loaf.

Stopped at Elliston and had morning tea and 'devoured' 2 fruit rolls (buns) of the 4 that Marie bought as well as the other bread rolls etc. These were very very tasty. :)

Proceeded on to Coffin Bay arriving about 12.40pm and booked into the van park here.

The wind was very cold and eventually it started to rain and got really cold. As there is not a lot of shops here we ventured into Port Lincoln so we could buy some veges etc as we were going to have some beautiful home mad soup for dinner.

As we are continually not getting any reception on our '3' mobiles whilst were were in Port Lincoln we bought a Telstra Prepaid mobile which will now give us phone coverage in a lot more places. Will only use it when we don't have service on our 3 phones. (which is pretty frequent down here)

Came back set up the satellite dish to watch footy tonight and stayed inside as it was too cold out.

Bob had a very close shave just out of town on their way back as well and nearly hit an emu, said it was that close it wasn't funny, and he still doesn't know how he missed it.

Having a nice warm night inside tonight.


PopPop & Grandma

Coffin Bay

After a cold, breezy and rainy night awoke to quite a cool morning with a very lazy wind.

Had our brekkie etc and then we went and found one of the Oyster Sheds and bought 2 doz Coffin Bay Oysters. $6 per doz which is great value. They guy said it is illegal for them to shuck for us, but he showed us the easy way to do it, and what to look out for etc.

We then headed to Port Lincoln again and I got some electronic fittings for the Strong Sat Box and a new Scart adapter for the Foxtel box as I am having trouble with the sound quality ? only on Fox though and thought it could be the Scart cable, so I bought a Scart adapter that plugs into the scart plug and allows to you to connect RCA plugs to it. (Got back and the darned thing is still the same again something to fix/look at when we get home)

The cables are fine as they are the ones I am using with the Strong Sat Box so it is definitely something amiss with the Fox one.

Had a drive around the town and then looked at the bay itself and went over to the Marina where the tuna boats were unloading their catch for the day. One bundle of tuna is well over $10,000.!!!!! in value and they were unloading stacks of them this boat as well as the one further along.

The guy on the box directing the crane told us that this bundle of mauled tuna had been attacked by seals etc and are no good for anything now, and will just be dumped and buried. He said there was about $10,000 worth of fish on that bundle alone.

After some fabulous insights into the tuna fishery we drove around and looked at some more of the HUGE trawlers etc. I have never seen such a gathering of LARGE trawlers in one spot. They all have aluminium and stainless sorting trays etc on deck with most using stainless chains. Each boat would be worth a fortune with the accessories alone would being worth a mint. It was a real eye opener.

Headed further around and saw the tuna keeping pens that the Stehr Group use. I watched a documentary on their style of tuna fishing and it is interesting to say the least. They tow these huge pens many miles out to sea and then having a catcher boat which surrounds the tuna with another BIG pen style net and then they transfer them into the keeper pen and then tow them back to Port Lincoln where they are then had fed and reared till they are big and good enough quality to be sent to the Japanese market to fetch the big moolah - $$$$$$$'s

After a terrific mornings sightseeing etc we then ventured back home and just chilled out and relaxed for the afternoon.

Cheers to all

PopPop & Grandma

Coffin Bay to Arno Bay

Had quite a cold night last night so we had the diesel heater on and it really warmed the van up nicely. Actually it was so good we had to turn it right down as it was getting too hot in the van.

Awoke to a cold morning again, had brekkie, packed up and finally headed off about 8.15am and made our way to Arno Bay.

Had a pleasant drive, the car got a bit warm after going up a few long hills but overall was good. Only went just above half.

Arrived at Arno Bay at 10.40pm and booked into the van park there and they wanted to put us on a gravel site with Sue & Bob parked out in the boonies – so the girls went and asked for a grassy site as there were plenty available and the guy said that he was trying to water and grow the grass there and didn't want cars or vans on, it but no sooner had they got into the office to complain about our gravel site when a rather large motorhome, which had pulled in just before they got to the office, he offered them a 'nice grassy spot' 1st off. Talk about discrimination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after his initial reluctance, we ended up with a rather 'nice grassy spot' and are settled in for the night. Going to go to the local pub tonight for dinner as they have $8.00 meals tonight with Schnitzel on the menu and it is only about a 2 minute walk from our sites.

Catch ya later,

PopPop & Grandma

Arno Bay to Point Lowly

Went to the Arno Bay pub last night for dinner – and although it was a good and cheap meal – all you could get was a schnitzel (beef, chicken, roo & pork) with chips and then take what you want from the salad bar. Great meal but again if you didn't like schnitzel you would have to starve.

After dinner we headed back as it was freezing cold night and we went to our respective vans and I wasn't feeling too well and Marie was tired so we went to bed at 8.30pm.

When I 1st got into bed I couldn't stop shivering and was like this for quite a few minutes before I warmed up and went off to sleep – no sooner had I fallen asleep then I awoke in an absolute lather of sweat and was boiling hot.

Finally got up at 7am and felt a 1000 times better than last night.

Had brekkie, packed up and the lady beside us in a 30' Sunliner motorhome asked if I would like to look inside, which I did, boy are these units flash!!!! Very very nice – they are travelling around for 6 months on this trip – the unit is 12 months old and only been on a few short trips – virtually brand spanking new.

Left Arno Bay at 8.25am and headed for Whyalla – had an uneventful trip however the car did get a bit warm again on some of the longish hills.

When at Whyalla Sue & Bob went looking for a park to stay at and we continued on northwards out of town and are now camped at a free camp at a place called Lowly Point, which is about 35k's North of Whyalla. What a beautiful spot!!!!!

We are parked off the side of a road with an uninterrupted view of the ocean and across the gulf to Port Germain and Port Pirie further south. Truly wonderful spot and absolutely free.

Sue & Bob want to stay in Whyalla for 2 days so we are doing the same here – just sitting back relaxing and watching the people fishing in their boats out in the water. Whyalla is the cuttlefish capital of Australia and apparently they are catching them by their hundreds here at the moment.

The weather today is perfect about 23°C with a cool SW wind blowing.

Hey Leo, you need to see this place !!!!!!!! You would LOVE it.

Cheers for now,

PopPop & Grandma

Point Lowly

Had a great night - the wind was a bit cool but the moon rising over the gulf was 'magic' to say the least.

Awoke to a beautiful still, sunny morning without a cloud in the sky.

The sun rising over the gulf was superb.

Had breakfast and whilst doing so as the sun got higher in the sky both Sunsaver Duo solar meters came to life and in no time the solar panels were pumping 'life' back into both batteries.

As we are not on power here we are using our battery power of a night for lighting, tv, satellite tv box, laptop, pump, etc and it is getting fully replenished by mid morning the next day.

We packed the chairs etc away and then headed off into Whyalla as Marie needed a brush to do her nails with as she had left hers at home. Plus we also need a few grocery supplies and I thought I would top of the fuel whilst in there considering we are leaving early in the morning.

Met up with Sue & Bob and organised our plans etc for tomorrow and then headed off back home to sit back and relax.

They have everything out here, excepting power, - there is fresh water, toilets, cold showers and even a special dump point to empty van & motorhome toilets etc.

Once home, we had lunch with some fresh bread rolls we had just purchased from the bakery in Whyalla, after lunch I then sat back and ate the 2 doz oysters we bought the other day. They were delicious to say the least. Very very salty, from the salty sea water but otherwise superbly plump, juicy and very tasty. Some of the best I've ever had.

Just sitting back this afternoon and relaxing to the fullest we have perfect weather, full sun, nice breeze, 23°C temp and not a cloud in the sky with a perfect view ? what more could one want.


PopPop & Grandma

Point Lowly to Port Pirie

Firstly we want to wish a






Yesterday afternoon we just sat back and watched 2 sailboats take forever to work their way against the wind from up 'the gulf' they seemed to be coming 'forever' and finally made it past us.

Also watched 2 guys in a rather large plate boat catching HUGE snapper just below us. They caught some absolute whoppers and would only be about 100m from the shore.

But what a great relaxing afternoon we had.

Awoke to another beautiful clear morning, however there was a rather blustery NW wind blowing and looked to be right in our faces when heading out.

So we packed up, had breakfast and headed off at 7.25am and called Bob & Sue up to elt them know our situation and that we would meet them at Pt Augusta as I had a feeling it would be a slow and tiresome trip for us pushing into a strong headwind.

As it turned out once we left Point Lowly the wind virtually disappeared and we had an easy trouble free run all the way to 'The Gutter' as it is called. Not far out of Port Augusta encountered 2 pop top vans heading west and the trailing pop top had one of his clips on the roof undone and the roof was trying hard to lift right up. Called him up on the radio (luckily they had one and it was on) and he was able to pull over and fix the problem.

Met up with Bob & Sue not long afterwards and we both headed off towards Port Pirie. About 10k's out stopped at a small 'wholesale market' called Harrys

at this place they sell heaps of various types of home made jams, pickles, smoked goods, metwurst sausage, fruit & veg etc. We bought some jams and I bought some pepperoni sticks, of which I have just had one, and it would have to be about the hottest thing I have ever had. My mouth is still burning 1 hour later. They are super duper HOT !!!!!!

Got to Port Pirie just after 10.30am and set up in the van park, went for a drive around the town, bought some small items, came back and am relaxing watching the footy this afternoon with a few 'light refreshments' and trying to cool my mouth from the pepperoni.

Head off again tomorrow towards Wallaroo, Moonta and possibly stay at Balgowan. See how we fare.

They tell us that the Cornish Pasties at Wallaroo are to die for so no doubt we will try one.


MAKAYLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



PopPop & Grandma.

Port Pirie to Minlaton

Presently in Port Pirie. There is a guy camped across from us and has a small box trailer with a hard cover on it and he was playing LP records on a record player so Marie went over and had a chat to him and took a photo of the player. He said it plays, 78's LP's 45's as well as a radio and CD Player.

As it was a cold night we stayed inside and watched the footy on fox last night and then early to bed.

Up nice n early and watched the fog roll in. Had an overcast sky and cool but not too bad.

Headed off at 8.05am and went down to Port Broughton, then to Wallaroo hoping to get some Cornish Pasties, but forgetting it was Sunday all the shops were shut. Had a quick drive and look around the town and all the buildings here a very old and quaint and apparently a lot are based on the villages in Cornwall England.

Fuelled up at a local servo as the fuel was rather cheap and Bob got some LPG for their car and as he was ready before us went around the block to wait for us up the road, and as he came past us there was a very funny rattling sound coming from one of his van wheels ? called him up and he stopped and turned out the wheel bearing grease retaining cap on the hub had come off and was rattling around inside the plastic hubcap and had made it come loose.

 Fixed it up and we then headed off to Moonta a further 15 kms away.

Got to Moonta which is another quaint town with the older style buildings etc. We found a bakery open so we bought some Cornish pasties etc and then headed off towards Maitland about 30 odd kms away where we stopped and had morning tea and tried a pasty 'very nice' a lot different to the ones I have had at home.

Headed off along the 'bumpy' road to Minlaton where we are now settled in at the local van park.

Very basic but nice, cheap and we can have a fire in the fire pit tonight if we want and they have supplied us with all the wood etc.

Grandma went over the road to a Native Animal Reserve and fed the emus and kangaroos in there and Sue went over and also fed them some bread too.


PopPop & Grandma

Minlaton to Renmark

Had a very quiet night in last night, didn't sit around the fire pit, as it was a very cold & windy night so Grandma watched a DVD and I just fiddled about in the van.

Up early packed up, the wind was blowing from the NW so we headed off reasonably early and headed for Warooka and then Yorketown, from there to Edithburgh, where we went and looked at the old jetty etc and then pressed on up to Port Giles and the followed the coastline up to Port Vincent, so we stopped here and had morning tea.

On the Yorke Peninsula, we have found that most towns here are very close to each other so it doesn't take very long to go from one to the other.

It was also a super windy day today with very strong blustery winds blowing from the NW and making things really terrible everywhere.

After Port Vincent we headed further up the coast thru Pine Point to Ardrossan where we bought some of the 'famous' Ardrossan Pies from the Ardrossan bakery.

We then headed further north to Port Wakefield and were really struggling with the strong winds and the temp on the car was going up 'n down like a yo yo.

Made Port Wakefield rather early so we pushed on to Balaklava where we stopped and had lunch under the shade of some huge trees and out of the terrible wind that had not abated one iota.

As we were now heading East and away from the wind, so it was now at our rear quarter and pushing us along, we decided to push on after lunch and made it a lot further that we had expected and before we knew it we were at Morgan on the Murray River.

Struck the dreaded grasshoppers again before Morgan and apparently they are down near Mildura as well.

Fueled up here and the lady at the service station said that it was only about another 1 to 1.5hrs. to Renmark so we pressed on and made it into Renmark at 4.15pm and booked into the local van park were we will stay for 2 days and recuperate and recharge after the horrid windy day today.

Will do some sightseeing around this region tomorrow.


PopPop & Grandma


Awoke to a cool morning – started brekky and Grandma went to make some toast and our brand new super duper new toaster lit up like a Xmas tree and then caused the circuit breaker to trip and gave up the ghost completely and wouldn't work after that.

It done a similar thing the other day but when we re-tried it everything worked as normal, however, now we can't get it to do anything.

So it got thrown into the bin, after all it cost a whole $9 when Grandma bought it from BigW, but as we don't have the receipt with us, it got tossed in the bin and we now have to go and buy a new one.

Headed off after brekky and went looking for Lock 5 on the Murray – as we had both heard of the Locks and seen videos etc, but had never seen one 'in the flesh' so to speak.

We couldn't find it so went to the Information centre and they guided us in the right direction and we found it and it was quite interesting, yet there was a lot of construction work going on around it so we couldn't get too close to it etc.

We then we went sightseeing around the town and finally ended up at a shopping centre where we went to BigW and bought a new Sunbeam toaster, a bit dearer and better quality this time, plus got a few other odds n sods as well as some groceries and then headed home.

Spida Everett and his wife pulled up near us in their motorhome – they do they show 'The Great Australian Doorstep' – however, they parked the motorhome, set it up by plugging the power in, closing the privacy curtains, then put the electric awning half out and then went and stayed/slept in one of the nearby cabins and no-one stayed in the motorhome at all overnight.

 Sat back and had a quiet afternoon, Grandma watched The Notebook movie on DVD and I just fiddled around and then we had a fantastic baked lamb & vegies meal for dinner and watched a bit of tv and then went to bed early as the night was getting quite cold.


PopPop & Grandma

Renmark to Moulamein

Up bright and early this morning to a very crisp and cold morning it was 12°C inside the van and a LOT colder outside but we don't have an external temp sensor so I couldn't tell exactly how cold it was outside.

Had breakfast packed up and headed off at 7.25am towards Mildura. Had a good trip to Mildura, the wind was on our rear quarter again and with the cool weather the car's temp didn't waiver at all.

Made it to Mildura around 9.15am where we said our goodbyes to Sue & Bob as they were heading south to go to Ballarat and we continued heading East to Moulamein.

Again had a good trip stopped about 57k's out of Balranald for morning tea and then continued on and finally arrived at Moulamein at 1.30pm luckily we had hardly any grasshoppers at all the whole trip only a few very small patches here ad there, but when we were just our of Moulamein we struck a rather large patch ? didn't affect us too much though.

Settled into the park here and Grandma surprised John, the owner as she has known him since he was born but hasn't seen him since he was about 5 years old. His parents are very good friends with Grandma's family.

It's not a bad little park for a country town, we are set up and had a chat with John for quite some time and then had our lunch and are just sitting back relaxing for the afternoon.

It's quite cool today so no doubt will have a quiet night in and we have decided to head off again early tomorrow morning.


PopPop & Grandma

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