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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

Eyre & Yorke Peninsula's


Day 1 - Home to Cobar

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On this trip there is myself, PopPop, and Grandma (Marie) in our new Crusader Inspiration van, and also my sister Sue and her husband Bob in their new Jayco Sterling 18'6 full van

We left home at 4.05am this morning and headed off in a very 'pea soupy' fog northwards on the New England Highway towards Singleton.

The fog was that thick at times it was getting hard to see, but we soldiered on and slowly made our way to the Golden Hwy and headed towards Dunedoo.

Had quite an uneventful trip with scattered areas of fog and finally we stopped at 6.30am at Battery Rock Rest Area for a toilet break and then headed off to Dunedoo where we stopped at 8.10am for breakfast.

Headed off after breakfast and headed towards Mendooran, then Gilgandra and Warren had a HUGE wide load come towards us at one point it was 7m wide and lucky we could get right off the road.

Between Gilgandra and Warren the car started to play up again with the temp rising if I put the aircon on it would rise to ¾ turn it off and it would drop back to normal again. So I left the aircon off, however as the ambient temp rose so did the car's temp.

Kept an eye on it and we had to stop a couple of times to let it cool back down.

Am ringing the guy from Natrad tomorrow to see what we can do to fix the problem after all he said it would be ok NOW.

Made it to Cobar at 2.15pm and booked into the Caravan Park and then set about cleaning our vans and cars of all the locusts that had splattered on them.

See how we fare tomorrow with getting the car seen to etc.

PopPop & Grandma

Lunch at Nyngan

Our spot at Cobar

Another view of our spot at Cobar

Day 2 Cobar to Broken Hill - 20/4/2010

Awoke to a nice clear and sunny day. Overnight it was quite warm and a 'beautiful' night actually considering the cold nights we had been experiencing at home.

Rang Warners Bay Radiators at 7.15am and got the answering machine as it was still a bit too early rang back at 8am and got Warren the owner.

He was stumped as to what the problem could be yet said he would see what he could do and get back to me.

I told him we would like to push on to Broken Hill as it is a larger town plus we intended to stay there a few days anyway.

He said he would see what he could do regarding getting the car seen to in Broken Hill and would leave a message on the mobile.

We left Cobar ahead of Sue & Bob, as they weren't quite ready and said they would catch us up headed off at 8.20am and had a slight tail wind which helped push us along at a leisurely 80 - 85 kph and the temp stayed perfect the whole time.

We got to Emmdale Roadhouse at 10.10am, which is about 155 k's from Cobar, when Sue & Bob caught up with us and we had morning tea there.

Headed off and as it started warming up thought we would give the aircon a try and see how we went turned it on and we travelled for a good 30 to 40 k's before the temp started to rise again in the car so turned it off and dropped back to normal again and we just plodded along.

As the road takes various twists and turns along its route we ended up at times with the wind on our front quarter and also nearly head on and this slowed us up and also made the engine work that bit harder and then temp would rise up to ¾ if I took the load off by pushing the clutch in and revving the engine the temp would drop so somehow I think it has something to do with the viscous fan (I hope this is the problem).

We made it to Little Topar Roadhouse at 1.20pm and stopped there for lunch, and Marie asked if she could lay on the bed and ride in that the rest of the way as it was heaps cooler in the van than in the car :)

Left Topar at 1.50pm and slowly plodded to Broken Hill with the temp rising to ¾ and down again all the time.

Arrived at Broken Hill 2.55pm and booked into the Broken Hill City Caravan Park on the Adelaide Road. (we stayed here last time when we went across to WA.)

Warren from Warners Bay Radiators had left a message for us to contact him, so I rang and he put me onto a guy here in Broken Hill that maybe able to help us out. John from Campbell Radiators.

Rang John and discussed a few things with him and then went down and spoke to him personally as he is only about 500m from the van park.

He is also of the opinion it could be the fan after all, even though it appears to be OK. So we have now ordered a new OEM fan cost $550 and then will get it installed and this will happen on Wednesday so hopefully this will finally fix our problem.

So we are now booked in here till at least next Thursday morning and will do the touristy thing around town and look at my old haunts etc.

 having worked and lived out here 30 years ago !!!!!

So will get back with a progress report maybe tomorrow.


PopPop & Grandma

Darling River at WIlcannia.

Wilcannia Township

Church at Wilcannia

Water on side of road just before Little Topar

Our setup in Broken Hill Caravan Park

The road from our site at Broken Hill Caravan Park

Day 3 - Broken Hill - Sightseeing etc        

We did the sightseeing thing today.

Went out to Penrose Park at Silverton, which is 19 mile North west of Broken Hill and had a look around this place has changed tremendously since I was out here even though it is still looked after the oval has now gone and is overgrown. This used to be a thing of beauty some years back when it was meticulously maintained and you could swear it was a cricket oval from one of the major cricket clubs in England. Even the fence surrounding it was magnificent. Sadly this is no longer. You can cam there $9 per person and $5 for power if you want it.

We considered camping out there but due to our car problems decided against it and stayed in town closer to where we can get it repaired.

We then went to Umberumberka Reservoir and the Mundi Mundi Plains lookout. Nothing changed here even the reservoir was full after all the recent rains. As usual the view across the Mundi Mundi Plains is spectacular. It is so flat you can nearly see into next week.

We then ventured back to Silverton, had a look thru the Silverton Hotel, and also the old Gaol museum and saw some familiar names on some of the artefacts they had there from Broken Hill.

We then ventured back into town and had some lunch at a cafe at the Westside Plaza did a bit of grocery shopping as we hadn't bought any fruit or vegies with us because of the fruit fly restrictions, but there is a notice posted in the Camp Kitchen that NO fruit or vegetables of any kind, other than cooked or sealed in cans etc can be taken into Sth Aust and the Inspection Point in 250K's down the road. So we are only stocking what we can use whilst here and then will get some more when we hit Port Augusta or maybe somewhere along the way.

With the amount of Nomads around might be an enterprising ploy by someone wanting to make a quid by setting up a stall etc after the checkpoint and I reckon you could make a killing selling 'fresh' fruit and vegetables to the travellers.

As we are heading south to the colder climes, Marie bought a beanie, gloves and scarf from Homeart, reduced from $30 to $6 so she was happy also bought a small folding clothes airer that sets up in seconds, very lightweight and only cost her $20. Saves erecting our fangled rotary clothesline all the time.

Marie also bought some post cards which we are going to send to all the grandkids so they get their own cards. Hopefully they will enjoy them

We finally made it back home sat around chatting for a few hours and then went for a tour around the town and also had a look at our old house etc mostly everything is very similar but somethings have changed dramatically.

Came back home and just sat around cooked dinner and chatted before an early bed.

Car goes in 9am tomorrow and hopefully it will be fixed once and for all. Keeping our fingers crossed.


PopPop & Grandma

Umberumberka Reservoir

The sign says it all

A view of the Mundi Mundi Plains.

Another view of the Mundi Mundi Plains

Grandma with the Mad Max car outside the Silverton Pub

Silverton Pub

Silverton Gaol

Grandma in a gaol cell

Day 4 - Broken Hill

Took car to radiator place at 9am then went sightseeing again around town this time to Pro Hart's Gallery, the Living Desert, had a look at the airport and then had lunch in town where we had pancakes.

Then back home and just waited around for the car to be repaired and the poor bloke was mucked about by the dealer and didn't deliver the part out till 4pm so he was busily trying to get it ready so we could head off tomorrow.

Finally got it back at 5.15pm and now packed and ready to head off in the morning and keeping our fingers crossed the problem is solved.

Head off tomorrow towards Port Augusta.

Cheers to all

PopPop & Grandma

Pro Hart's famous painted Rolls Royce

The beautiful Sturt's Desert Pea

Broken Hill's main Street - Argent Street

Grandma reckons she should take Penny & Beau to here

Day 5 - Broken Hill to Port Augusta 22/4/2010

Up bright and early this morning, had breakfast, packed up and were under way at 7.50am keeping our fingers crossed that the temp would be fine etc in the car.

No sooner had we gone down the road some distance and struck some hills then sure enough the temp began to rise again.

Drove to Peterborough where we had phone service so rang Warren from Warners Bay Radiators who is being most helpful. He is now of the view it has to be some sort of fuel problem being pump timing or the fuel/air ratio maybe being too lean causing it to heat overly. He rang ahead to Port Augusta and lined us up to contact a guy from a radiator place there.

Made it to Port Augusta with the temp going up 'n down all day and rang the guy I was given to contact, and he was not much help at all and said he could not look at the car till at least next week as they were flat chat.

At least he gave me a contact number to ring which turned out to be the local RAA place rang them and they were most helpful and will look at it at 8am tomorrow to see if they can help me out at all. Also rang a 4WD place to see if they could do something and the guy I spoke to was not very helpful at all. Said he could not do anything till at least the end of next week and when I asked if he knew anyone else I could contact etc he just said look it up yourself. I told him I was from out of town and had no idea whom to contact he virtually didn't want to know.

So at least the RAA mob will have a look at it in the morning and see if we can work something out.

Other than this had a good trip and again as we had to get the car seen to we have booked into the Shoreline Caravan Park for one night at least - not too bad - fairly well packed out tonight - dirt sites but we are set up at a pretty good spot.

See how we fare tomorrow now.


PopPop & Grandma

Lookout before coming into Pt Augusta

Lookout before Pt Augusta

Day 6 - Port Augusta to Pildappa Rock - 23/4/2010

Hi from Pildappa Rock!!!

Well what an eventful day.

Went to the RAA place at 8am this morning and spoke to the head guy there and after I told him what the problem was all he wanted to do was take the head and pump off and have them seen to.

$2k for the head and who knows for the pump and I would be stuck there for at least a week and there is no guarantee these will fix the problem and he couldn't guarantee it either.

When I asked about checking fuel and putting it on the dyno etc, he was very reluctant to do so saying he reckons it's the head or pump and when I mentioned that it doesn't do it when the air temp is cold, like night time etc, he then backpeddled and said he didn't know what to do. So I decided to continue on our way taking it easy.

Well today was a great day nice cool day and we had a tailwind at times and as such the car stayed reasonably cool got a bit warm on some of the climbs etc but overall went very well.

Stopped for morning tea 34k's east of Kimba and then stopped at Kimba for a photo shoot with a galah, :) then pushed on and had lunch at a rest stop about 55k's from Wudinna.

We are now at Pildappa Rock camped for the night and Sue & Bob continued on to Streaky Bay and hopefully booked into the park there, and we will catch up with them in the morning.

This is a fantastic spot, quiet, pleasant and some great sights and interesting rock formation etc.

There's a nice breeze blowing tonight, nice n cool, bit of cloud cover and am now watching the footy on tv thru Imparja.

So tomorrow hopefully will be in Streaky Bay fairly early.

Cheers from

PopPop & Grandma

Pink Galah at Kimba

Another View

Pildappa Rock

Description of Pildappa Rock

Our camp spot from the top of The Rock

Another view of our campsite

Day 7 - Pildappa Rock to Streaky Bay 24/4/2010

Firstly let us say :-


6th BIRTHDAY RORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope you have a lovely day today and Grandma and I will call you later.

After a cool but terrific night we awoke to a very quiet and peaceful, yet cool morning with only the sound of the wind and a few birds chirping.

I took the driving lights of the Cruiser this morning to see if this would maybe help in keeping it cool had a few dramas getting them off as I have special Cibie locknuts on them but with Grandma's help we were able to get them off.

Packed up, took some last minute pics and then headed off at 8.27am to meet up with Sue & Bob at Streaky Bay.

Had a fantastic run, the weather was cool with some showers about and the temp on the car stayed at normal the whole way up 'n down hills etc so will have to try and work out what the problem is when we get home.

Arrived at Streaky Bay at 9.50am and booked in to the van park there alongside Sue & Bob and after setting up and getting everything shipshape I then went about setting up our Sat dish & Foxtel (this time) to watch the football tonight - had a problem with the sound being very fuzzy, never had that before, when the Strong Box is connected all is OK, but the Fox is giving me fuzzy audio and no volume strength to it. Need to see to that now :(

But I persevered with it and was able to watch both NRL games Knights got done again BUGGA !!!!

We went up the street to get some lunch and the shops had shut by this time, so we decided to have lunch up at the pub, with Sue & Bob. It was a very nice meal and reasonably priced too

Came back and just veged out for the afternoon and had a nice and relaxing afternoon.

Very cold and windy here tonight ? gave the diesel heater a run and it warmed the van up nicely.

We are booked in again for tomorrow considering it is Anzac Day and will head off Monday morning dunno to where as yet will work that out tomorrow.

Catch Ya later,

PopPop & Grandma

Happy Birthday again Rory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wave formation at Pildappa Rock

Visitor's Book

Shelter with 240V lighting

Free gas bbq

Access to the top of the rock

Our sites at Streaky Bay

View from our site

Day 8 - Anzac Day - Streaky Bay - 25/4/2010

Awoke to a beautiful and clear, crisp morning.

When we checked our awnings this morning there was bird crap all over them and Bob had bucket loads on his awning and also their car.

There is currently a mouse plague on the Eyre Peninsula and the caravan park was overrun with them as well. Darned things were everywhere during the night.

Had breakfast and the people camped across from us, Peter & Helen, who are heading across the Nullarbor, had a puncture in the right rear tyre on their Prado.

This was no big drama, but his problem was that he couldn't undo the security style locknut on his wheel as the 'shonky guy', as he put it, who serviced their car before they came away gave them the wrong locknut adapter and they didn't realise this till he tried to change the wheel.

He had one of the plug type puncture repair kits but didn't know how to use it properly and asked if I could help. I showed him how to do it and 2 plugs later we had it fixed and staying inflated. Had a cut in the tread.

After this small drama, we headed off and went sightseeing around Whistling Rocks and Cape Bauer which is a loop drive only a short distance from the van park. This was a terrific morning's trip, and when we went to 'The Whistling Rocks' (blow holes) they were really firing and spraying water and mist way up in the air, soaking us up at the viewing platform.

(Hey Bill, these were a bit better than the Brrrrm and nothing else that we saw over the west, and the walk wasn't as bad either. Ha Ha :) :) :) )

Started to have trouble with my camera, in that it kept saying the CF card was full however I full well knew that it wasn't. Luckily I had another card with me so I swapped it over and used it for the last remaining pics we took.

Headed back home for lunch and then downloaded all the pics we had taken this morning and re-formatted the card etc, had lunch and then headed out on another tourist drive to Sceale Bay, Pt. Labatt etc. Pt. Labbatt was fabulous as there is a colony of sea lions here and the Nat Parks have built a special viewing platform to enable the public to look at them from a safe distance etc. Took heaps of pics as this spot is truly amazing.

Since getting home (Barnsley) have been able to retrieve most of the pics on the crook card so here are some of the pics of the sea lion colony

Headed back towards home and came across another spot called 'Murphy's Haystacks' which is an outcrop of large boulders which, from a distance look like 'Haystacks'. Took some pics and then headed back home as it was by now getting quite late.

Had a nice afternoon, Peter & Helen joined us for a few drinks etc and he recounted some funny stories of his travels all over the world.

Very cold night outside, but we were toasty warm inside, had a rather early night as we are heading off in the morning.


PopPop & Grandma

Beautiful Sunrise

View to our site from the beach

Bob & Sue's awning covered in bird crap

Boardwalk down to the blowholes

Blowholes spraying

Spray from blowholes coming back over viewing platform

Cape Bauer sign

Some of the 'craggy cliffs'

Cape Bauer Sea Lion story

Some of the Sea Lions

Some more on the rocks below us

A mum and her pup

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