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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog


Day 1

On Wednesday 9th April we headed off to camp on the Gwydir River at Bingara with our good friends, Ed & Ros from Toowoomba and also our other good friends Bill & Ros from Sydney.

After dropping Marie's mum off at Respite we headed off on our way at 10.20am. Quite a bit of traffic on the road, however we had a nice uneventful trip and the new Hunter Expressway that has not long been opened is great to drive on and saves a heap of travelling time compared to going up the old New England Highway thru Maitland etc.

We travelled up to Willow Tree where we stopped behind the Information Centre near the pub for lunch. After a brief stop refreshed and ready to go we headed off towards Bingara via Quirindi, Werris Creek, Tamworth, Manilla, Barraba and then Bingara.

At Quirindi we stopped at Ron Robinson Butchers just over the railway line on the Wallabadah Road. We bought meat from here on our way back thru in February and it was absolutely fantastic melt in you mouth stuff, so we decided to get some more on our way through.

Headed off and Bill & Ros had asked us to have a look at the small free camp in Currububula - Laura Byrne Park Rest Area in Alford Street, it's a nice looking stop. Would be a good spot to stop for one night.

We then continues on to Tamworth where we fueled up and then kept going and finally arrived in Bingara at 4.30pm and met up with Ed & Ros.

The place was packed that afternoon as there were heaps of vans heading to the country music festival at Hartwood outside of Coolah, so we decided to camp up top that night before and see where we could get a good spot to stop on the river the next morning. We had a great night and setup my new fireplace and had a nice small fire in it for the 1st time.

Awoke to a beautiful morning yet no-one had left so we headed off down to the far western end of the river and found a nice spot near some rapids and set ourselves up there, Ed & Ros travelled down a short time late and setup behind us.

There was another van nearby and I think he really got the poops with us as he was very arrogant and belligerent towards us and wouldn't speak etc. I think he thought he owned the place and we had invaded his space. I don't like setting up near anybody myself but when space is at a premium sometimes one can't do anything else and we weren't that close to him anyway, but he was very strange. Had Qld plates on his vehicles so that maybe explains his attitude etc :-) LOL

1st burn in new fireplace

Fire ticking over nicely

Day 2

We had a great night and I had setup my new fireplace on the riverbank and we had a nice fire in it again for the 2nd time.

Ed & Ros had to go to a family reunion in n Mudgee on the Saturday night so we looked after their van for them whilst they were gone and they just drove down in their Cruiser. They left Friday morning and we just sat around 'chillaxing'.

Friday afternoon I decided to go to town and find the dump point and empty the loo as it looked like our neighbours were readying to depart on Saturday.

Boy did I have an adventure, someone had decided to turn the Dump Point sign around which had me, and no doubt a few others, driving round and round looking for this damned dump point.

It used to be located in town but the Council in their wisdom decided to move it and put it out at their showground. After driving all around town, I finally found it at the showground and emptied the cassette and back to camp.

Panorama shot of river where we were camped

Another view of river

Fireplace ticking over with river in background

Day 3

Saturday saw our neighbours pack up & move and we waited for Bill & Ros to arrive.

Around 2.30pm they arrived set up and not long after they had arrived Ros's brother Butch arrived with a ute load full of sawn Ironbark firewood. This wood burns way too hot for my new fireplace so we utilised an existing old firepit and had a nice camp fire going in no time.

Again just sat back and had a relaxing evening by the fire and as Bill & Ros had been up early, we went to bed reasonably early as well.

Fireplace ticking over with river in background

Day 4

Went for a bit of a drive today down on the Copeton Dam Road looking at all the other campsites etc along the river. Was quite an enjoyable trip around.

Ed & Ros came back today and we just relaxed sitting beside the river and just chilling out or 'chillaxing' as we like to call it.

Day 5

Bill & Ros went to Moree today for a drive so Ed & Ros & ourselves went for a drive out to Copeton Dam and back. When we got to the dam they wanted $10/car to just go and have a look about so we decided against it and came back to town. Went up to the lookout and had a look at the fabulous views from up on this high spot.

For the rest of our stay here we just sat back relaxed around the campfire etc, went into town done some shopping etc and just totally relaxed which was great for Grandma.

Our good friends Brad & Kristy called in on their way back from Fraser Island and spent a night with us and was great to catch up with them as well. They only stayed the one night and headed off for home the next day.

Finally Bill & Ros had to head for home as Ros had to get back to work so we bade our farewells to them and wished them the best for the trip home. We heard later that they had made it back home safe n sound.

2 days later we also had to bid Ed & Ros farewell and headed for home, having an easy drive home & Ed & Ros headed further North for a few more weeks.

View from lookout

At Bingara lookout

Panorama shot of Bingara from lookout

We had a fabulous time there with great weather, great people and a terrific town and we can't wait to go again next year.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & of course Beau the Wonder Dog