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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog



We arrived here in Mendooran late Monday afternoon and set up camp in our usual spot.

Met a couple from Parkes who were camped near us and are living the dream at present and doing the BIG lap for 5 years.

Had a pleasant afternoon/evening and next morning we decided to try out our watering cans we bought to fill the water tanks. Whilst doing so lo and behold a car pulled up and I looked and thought "I know that number Plate, I know that car, I know that van" turned out to be our friends from Toowoomba Ed & Ros that we met down in Nyah when we free camped 2 years ago. Was a great surprise and I have now found out that they had made arrangements with Marie to come down and surprise me and be here for my birthday. What a BIG surprise it was as well.

We have had terrific weather, been a bit hot during the day but the nights have been really pleasant.

Met another couple Les & Margaret from Emu Plains here yesterday afternoon and we all had a chat with them for a while as they were on their way to the pub for dinner. Invited them to call over when they got back for a chat as they were camped just over from us and Ros & Ed who are from Toowoomba and grew up around this area also know heaps of people that Les and Margaret know both around this area and Toowoomba - it sure is a small world. Talk about 6 degrees of separation. LOL

Les & Margaret are a lovely couple. Found out this morning as well that Les & Margaret are also very good friends with a member Doug from the RVTravelau forum and they were going to meet up with each other in Wellington tomorrow. Talk about a small world.

We have a few more friends arriving tonight as we will be celebrating my 60th on Easter Sunday here, so we will also have a small group of happy campers here as well. LOL

BTW Happy Birthday to John Cumberland on Sunday as well.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

I don't need a WDH !!!!! - These people pulled in very late last night and left this morning with the van and car looking the same

Les & Margaret's Setup

Gathering of The Clans

This group/Club or caravanners pulled in yesterday afternoon and left this morning.

SUNDAY 31st MARCH - MY 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Awoke to a great morning, and received plenty of birthday wishes from all the kids and grandkids via phone calls and also everyone camped with us.

Received some great presents and then to top it off I was presented with a fantastic BIrthday Cake made by our lovely friend Ros from Toowoomba (Ed & Ros) and freshly cooked Damper made that morning by our other very good friends Bill & Ros.

Had morning tea with the damper and also slices of the birthday cake.

Had a great day and that evening we decided to cook a camp oven and everyone chipped in with pieces of steak, veges, sausages etc all thrown into the pot with Roothy's favourite additive, Apricot Jam. Turned out absolutely fantastic and a very, very, tasty meal and then had a great night with friends around the campfire. Bob & Viv, locals from Mendooran that we have met and become friends with, also came down and enjoyed the night with us as well.

Overall I had a GREAT day and enjoyed it immensely. Will have a nice dinner etc with all of our kids and grandkids next weekend when we are at home.

My Birthday Cake which was cooked by Ros (Ed & Ros)

Cake & Damper

Birthday Boy with cake & Damper

Beau 'The Wonder Dog'

Phil (in deep thought or something and for once he is not talking) LOL

Ann (hiding behind her screen door)

Jenny (Ann & Phil's daughter)

Bill & Ed

Ros (busy in her kitchen)

Camp Oven (before cooking)

Camp Oven on the coals

Marie 'stirring the pot'


Ros, Marie & Beau 'The Wonder Dog'

Ed & Ros (our friends from Toowoomba)

Catch you out there.

PopPop, Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog