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PopPop & Grandma's Travels

RIP Beau the Wonder Dog

2012 Autumn Adventure - Eyre Peninsula & Murray River Region

Page 2

We have again decided to go and have another look around the Eyre Peninsula in 2012.

Our friends Bill & Ros and Phil & Ann are coming along with us as well this year and they both haven't been there either so it will be an enjoyable trip for all of us.

We hope to freedom camp as much as we can on this trip.

No doubt we may have to stay in some parks but hopefully these will be few and far between.

Catch you out there

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 1 - Home to Mendooran

Left home at 10.45am on a beautiful day with clear skies and no wind.

Travelling was good till we got into the ranges near Jerrys Plains etc and the Cruiser got a bit warm going up and down all the hills but once we were back on the flat area it was good again. So just took our time and plodded along slowly.

Got caught behind 2 motor homes that would only go at a maximum 70KPH flat out. Up hill and down dale as well and most of the time were only doing around 50 KPH which made the trip very slow in spots as we were unable to pass. Finally was able to get around them when they pulled into a rest area.

Stopped at Battery Rock Rest Area CAW 6 #197 for lunch which is a nice little rest area out of the way with very clean pit toilets.

Headed off and finally got to Mendooran Free Camp CAW6 #443 at 3.30pm.

The place here is packed, at least 20 vans and motor homes here tonight. We got ourselves a good spot away from most of the noise and have settled in for the night as it is getting quite chilly outside. Forecast is to get to at least 0°C tonight.

Have very limited to no service with Telstra Next G here but Marie has full service with her Amaysim (Optusnet) phone which is good in a way as all calls etc on hers are waaay cheaper than Telstra.

Have fired the old Blue Toaster modem up and it is working well with it's own little aerials whereas my Telstra USB modem would not connect at all.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 2 - Mendooran

Woke at 5am and it was freezing so we put the Webasto Diesel Heater on but it wouldn't light as looks like the fuel is frozen in the lines again.

There is a LOT of frost on the ground this morning and it is very cold. Tried again sometime later and it fired up well and we now have a nice warm van at 23°C whilst it is still very frosty and cold outside.

The sun is shining nicely this morning and there is not a cloud in the sky, both Sunsaver Duo's are blinking their little green lights off at 9.30am which is encouraging and gives you that warm a fuzzy feeling.

Just got my footy tipping results for the last round. Damned hopeless only picked one game for the whole round. Better pull my socks up.

We are just having a nice relaxing day today, Bill & Ros and their friend John are coming over for a visit today as well as they are not too far away in Warren so will be a good day.

We will head off early tomorrow morning and meet up with Bill and Ros at Warren and hope to make our way to Bulla Park Rest Area CAW 6 #1058 which is about 115 K's west of Cobar.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 3 - Mendooran to Bulla Park

 Had one of the locals come around yesterday afternoon selling bags of firewood for $15.00 ea which is not a bad price considering it was yellow box wood, however we declined as we had to be up and on our way early in the morning and he said that we were in for another BIG frost so I should cover the windscreen tonight.

Luckily I had an old sheet in the Cruiser that was for use as rag etc and we had put that over the windscreen last night to keep the frost off it and I also had a pair of old pillowcases that I used over the towing mirrors to keep the frost of them as well. Lucky I had done this, as this morning, we at least could see out of the windscreen and mirrors as there was ice over everything.

Got away at 6.45am and made our way to Warren where we re-fueled and used the public dump point opposite the servo and the met up with our friends Bill & Ros.

We then made our way to Nyngan where we had morning tea and then travelled onto Cobar where we arrived at midday then re-fueled and had lunch.

We headed off after lunch arriving at Bulla Park Rest Area CAW 6 #1058 at 2.30pm and settled in for a nice afternoon/evening with our good friends, however the cold night rolled in as usual and at 7pm we are tucked up nice and warm inside with our Webasto heater keeping us nice and warm.

Tomorrow we hope to have another leisurely trip to Broken Hill where we will venture out to Silverton and the Mundi Mundi Plains lookout where we hope to stay and watch and get some pics of the sunset over this fantastic landscape, and then on Friday it is Bill's 60th birthday so we will venture back into Silverton and setup camp at Penrose Park and no doubt celebrate this momentous milestone and occasion with him.

We have 2 strip LED lights on the outside of our van.

When we bought the van, they shone bright and white and emitted a fantastic white light, however the past 2 nights when I have turned them on, one of them is a deep blue in colour - it is really a deep blue, I have taken some pics of the good one and the 'blue' one, and although it is hard to see the colour of the blue on the LED's proper, you can see the surrounding hue has a real blue colour to it. It has me completely stumped why it is emitting a blue light.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

At Bulla Park

Day 4 - Bulla Park to Silverton - 17/5/2012

 Up bright and early this morning and it was quite cool and crisp and there was a bit off frost around as well.

Checked the Cruiser and noticed there was some type of fluid on the ground under the front of the car. Checked it out and the bottom radiator hose was leaking. Why this has started all of a sudden has got me baffled. Anyway was able to tighten the hose clamp up and stop anymore drips.

We headed off at 8.37am and had a leisurely drive to Broken Hill stopping at Netallie Rest Area CAW 6 #1069 for morning tea and then on to Little Topar Roadhouse CAW 6 #1072 where we had lunch.

Finally arrived in Broken Hill 1.40pm EST and went to the Park Plaza Shopping centre where the girls did some last minute shopping before we headed out to Silverton and camped at the Mundi Mundi Plains Lookout for tonight.

Watched the sunset over the plains and it was an unbelievable sight.

Will head back into Silverton tomorrow and camp at Penrose Park CAW 6 # 1075 for a few days waiting for Phil & Ann to arrive.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Sunset on Mundi Mundi Plains

Day 5 – Mundi Mundi Plains to Penrose Park – 18/5/2012


We hope you have a terrific day today on your 60th.

Up bright and early, (as usual) and had breakfast and then packed up the last remaining things and headed back to Penrose Park, all of about 6 Klm's, and on our arrival went to see the caretaker and he said you can virtually camp where you want to, just find a spot suitable. Some sites have power nearby some don't some are grassy areas, some aren't, however the grassy area where we wanted to go was already taken up by 4 vans so ended up on a dirt patch near a toilet block and the showers are also close by if we want to use them. The water is untreated and the caretaker suggested we don't drink it. “You can use it for washing etc but we don't recommend drinking it or filling your tanks with it” he said. He said that they drink it themselves and it is OK but they need to warn us as the water is not treated and for legal reasons they need to tell us not to drink it. It comes from Umberumberka Reservoir and is part of the water that is pumped to Broken Hill and then treated but it is untreated here. The water is fine, nice and clean and clear and tastes OK, but we do boil it 1st and are only using it for showering etc and using our tank water for drinking.

Had a good day, went into Broken Hill and did some shopping as well as fuelled the car up and then came back and had a relaxing afternoon before we cooked a nice baked dinner using the Weber Q and our camp oven and celebrated Bill’s birthday with him.

Having an easy day tomorrow, I think Bill & Ros are going sightseeing around the area and we will just take it easy.

Our other friends Phil & Ann are leaving tomorrow morning early, so we will meet up with them in a few days time.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 6 – Penrose Park – 19/5/2012

Had a pretty relaxing day today.

There are heaps of Apostle Birds around here and boy are they annoying and noisy. Funny to watch their antics though, but but a really noisy bird and are up 'n about as soon as the sun rises and seem to hang around the vans and 'chatter' all morning. Grandma doesn't help either as she encourages them as well by feeding them all the time. (just her usual self LOL).

They are also referred to as CWA birds akin to a Country Women's Association meeting, all chatter and doing nothing. LOL

We went back into Broken Hill this morning, as Grandma had to get a new puffer applicator from the chemist shop as she had left hers at home, and I also needed a new mouse as my old one finally packed it in. - Gees it's good to have a good functioning mouse again, I put up with the old one for just a bit too long. LOL

After our little sojourn into town we came back home and just had a relaxing afternoon around the campsite, Grandma did some more washing, we both had a nice hot shower, and I cooked dinner on our choofer and then had an early night as it came in cold again after the sun went down.

It was 3°C at 6am in the morning when I got up and I think it will be very similar tomorrow morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Grandma feeding the Apostle Birds

Grandma & Ros feeding the Apostle Birds

Apostle Birds

Our campsite

Our 'Choofer fire' last night

Day 7 & 8 - Penrose Park - 20 & 21/5/2012

 Day 7 - Penrose Park - 20/5/2012

Sat around most of the day, and Bill & Ros went sightseeing to Menindee etc and our friends, Phil and Ann arrived around lunchtime and settled in and we just sat around and veged out most of the day. Had a nice night around the campfire and went to bed reasonably late.

Day 8 - Penrose Park - 21/5/2012

Chris from the Caravaners Forum, and who lives in Broken Hill, called in for a chat and sat with us for a while this morning and after he left, we went shopping in Broken Hill to get some last minute things before we head off tomorrow. Fueled the car up and headed back to Penrose Park where we packed up most things in readiness to head off early tomorrow morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 9 - Penrose Park to Iron Knob - 22/5/2012

Up bright and early, was 1°C and very cold, did some last minute packing up and we headed off at 7am.

Had a good run, till we ran into some strong headwinds and the Cruiser played up a bit (getting hot) but overall things went well.

We stopped at Yunta at 9.30am for morning tea and the wind was still quite strong and cold.

Left Yunta and stopped at Peterborough where we had lunch and the girls went and did some shopping at the local Foodland store to stock up on some groceries, especially fruit and veg as we couldn’t bring any into Sth Aust from Broken Hill.

Headed off and made our way to Pt Augusta where we re-fueled and then made out way to the free camp at Iron Knob CAW 6 #752.

This is a fantastic place and has terrific toilets, camp kitchen etc etc for travellers and is all free but they do ask for a donation to help with the upkeep so naturally we put some money into the donation box.

We had a bit of a look around the camping area here and then sat down and relaxed for a while, before cooking dinner and retiring inside as it is still quite windy and cool outside and some dark storm clouds have appeared and the forecast is for some rain etc over the next few days but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Will head to Kimba tomorrow and then to Minnipa and Pildappa Rock where we again hope to free camp overnight before heading to Streaky Bay.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma

Freecamp at Iron Knob

Other 'campers' etc at Iron Knob

Grandma & Ros 'exercising' at Iron Knob

Other 'campers' etc at Iron Knob

Grandma & Ros 'exercising' at Iron Knob

More 'exercise'

Iron Knob 'Wall of Memories' plaque

Day 10 – Iron Knob to Pildappa Rock – 23/5/2012

Went to bed reasonably early, had a good nights sleep, was a cool night, however we didn't need a heater last night and were snug in bed with our feather down doona etc.

Up reasonably early this morning, the weather forecast is for very high winds up to 100 KPH plus, possibility of rain and maybe some hail and yes you guessed it, we are heading straight into it!!!!

Anyway we will see what eventuates, we had breakfast and headed off at 8.45am had a bit of a trip around the town.

The town is only a shadow of it's former self with a lot of the homes run down and dilapidated due to the closure of the mine and BHP leaving the area. It's good to see the local progress association at least having a go and trying to keep things going in the town, especially with the great setup they have with the camping area.

After our trip around the town, we headed off for Kimba and when we hit the highway the winds were unleashed upon us.

We were buffeted around a fair bit with the strong SW winds and the dust that was blowing off the paddocks was unbelievable. At times it looked like Armageddon as you would see in the movies etc and was very eerie. Anyway finally got to Kimba at 10am where we stopped and had morning tea and took a few pics and then headed off towards Minnipa and Pildappa Rock.

The winds were really bad at times and buffeting us around a fair but and then all of a sudden they died right off, however, with the wind dropping off the rain came, as well as dark clouds looming on the horizon etc. Mainly just a slight drizzle but at least the wind had died off.

We finally made our way out to Pildappa Rock. There is about 15Klm of gravel road, and last time we were here the road was in excellent order and we were amazed at how good it was, however this time a completely different story, a LOT of corrugations etc but we just drove to the conditions and made it out here without any worries. Decided to drive right around the rock this time, and we ended up stopping in a nice little camp spot called Southern Wave which is right beside 'The Rock' however being on the southern side and so close in to the rock face, we cannot get any satellite tv reception here so we will just listen to the State of Origin Football game on the radio. (saves battery anyway).

No sooner had we arrived and setup then the rain came as well and really put a dampener on things – the temp also dropped dramatically – we were able to have a quick look over the rock and surrounds and then everyone ended up tucked up inside nice and warm and looking forward to heading off tomorrow for Streaky Bay.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma


Grandma & Beau at the BIG 'Pink Galah in Kimba

Phil on 'The Rock'

Ann on 'The Rock'

Lichen Moss on southern side of 'The Rock

Wave part of 'The Rock'

Our campsite from up on 'The Rock'

Another view of our campsite from ground level

Day 11 – Pildappa Rock to Streaky Bay – 24/5/2012

 We awoke to a bleak, cold and wet morning after having had a very cold, wet and windy night but we were warm and snug inside.. Had breakfast packed up and were a bit concerned about the condition of the track out from Pildappa Rock.

Left at 8.45am and surprisingly the track was very good, as although it is the red sandy type soil that can be quite treacherous when wet, it also has a lot of crushed granite type rock in it as well which made it nice and firm and dry to drive on.

Headed back along the terrible corrugations and finally made it back to the sealed bitumen road where we checked the vans and contents to make sure all was OK and then headed off towards Streaky Bay.

Drove into some very heavy dark clouds, and rain which washed all the mud and dirt from the vans and cars and we had a very good trip to Streaky Bay where we have booked into the Caravan Park for a couple of days as we want to do a bit of sightseeing around the area.

We arrived in Streaky Bay around 10.15am and booked in just as a BIG rain shower came. We finally set up had some lunch and the did a trip around the loop to Cape Bauer, checked out the Whistling Rocks and The Blow Holes, and as it was very windy the seas were up, both the Whistling Rocks and the Blow Holes were working really well with some great sprays coming out.

We then did a trip around the town and came back to the vans and stayed inside in the warmth.

We're having a nice, quiet and warm night inside. The others have gone to the restaurant at the Caravan Park, however as we have Beau with us we stayed in the van and kept warm.

Are going to do a trip around to Sceale Bay and Pt Labbatt tomorrow and see the Sea Lions etc.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Whistling Rocks & Blow Holes signs

'Whistling Rocks' with spray going over the viewing platform

Day 12 – Streaky Bay – 25/5/2012

 Had a sleep in this morning and then went up the street and did some shopping etc, came back, had morning tea and then headed off to Sceale Bay and Point Labatt where we saw the sea lions again.

Was a nice sunny day for travelling however the wind was very cold, blustery and went right through you.

Came back had lunch and just sat around in the sun, (when it shone) and watched the Friday Night league games on Satellite TV through Imparja and then went to bed.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Sceale Bay panormic pic

Pt. Labbatt Sea Lions

Another View

Day 13 – Streaky Bay to Coffin Bay – 26/5/2012

 Up reasonably early this morning and went up the street to the Bakery, (they opened at 7.30am) and got some nice fresh bread, then came back, packed up and headed off for Coffin Bay at 8.50am.

A funny sort of day with rather strong winds blowing, and intermittent rain showers all day long.

Had a great day travelling, called into the roadside bakery at Colton where we got some beautiful Wood Fired Baked Bread which are done at this farmhouse and is absolutely wonderful bread.

We then travelled onto Elliston where we went around the Great Ocean Cliff top Loop which had some really fantastic scenery. Had morning tea in one of the pull off areas and then made our way to Coffin Bay arriving at 1.20pm. No sooner had we set up then the rain set in again so I set my rainwater catching bucket up and am now filling my tanks with nice clean rainwater.

The guy next to us here is from Tassie, however he used to live in Raymond Terrace for 18 years and also worked up the bay at the Salamander Bay Hotel back in the early 70's when I used to go up there with Doug & Lou etc.

His name is Mick Geeson and he is also related to a fellow I used to work with at Toronto, Alan Walker and I also know his other brother in law Len Walker as well who only lives around the corner from us.

Small world isn't it.

Hoping to go to Port Lincoln tomorrow and see if there are any shops open etc. If not we will go in again on Monday, as well as try to get some Oysters from one of the Oyster sheds here as well. This time I will get a few more than I did last time as they were that nice.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 14 - Coffin Bay - 27/5/2012

 Had a great nights sleep and awoke to an overcast but warmer morning. Forecast was for scattered showers but ended up to be a great day with no rain and just some cloud in the sky.

As we were about to leave the park there was a mob of Emus feeding away ion the grass.

These Emus wander thru the park all the time as do a large number of kangaroos.

Had a quick trip around Coffin Bay and then went into Pt. Lincoln and had a look around the town again as well as went to the shops and Grandma did some shopping (as usual) at Woolworths etc and then we came home and just relaxed for the afternoon.

Hope to get some oysters from Coffin Bay tomorrow, (apparently they are now $7/doz which is still cheap) and some seafood in Pt. Lincoln tomorrow as well before we head off for Point Lowly on Tuesday.

There are lots of Kangaroos around here as well and they all are very timid and not shy at all.

Grandma couldn't help herself and had to go and feed them.

Overall we had a great day, it's quite cool outside now, 12°C but we are snug and warm inside.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

3 of the 5 emus feeding

One of the Kangaroos

One of the Kangaroos

Day 15 - Coffin Bay & Port Lincoln

Had a sleep in this morning and then after breakfast we made our way into Port Lincoln where we fuelled up, and went to the seafood warehouse and bought some fish etc to bring home with us, did some last minute shopping and then returned to Coffin Bay where I went up to the Oyster Sheds and bought 6 doz oysters @ $7/doz and then we came back to the caravan park and had a relaxing afternoon, naturally I sampled 'a few' of the oysters and they were truly wonderful and then we packed away some of the things and went inside as it was getting quite cold. Went to bed early and had a good nights sleep.

There are heaps of Eucalyptus Tree leaves around here that grow in a circle and are completely round. I took some pics of one to show what they look like.

Catch you out there,

PopPop, Grandma and Beau the Wonder Dog

One of the Kangaroos

The other side of the 'round leaf

Day 16 – Coffin Bay to Point Lowly – 29/5/2012


We hope you have a really terrific day on this your very 1st Birthday. We love you heaps,

PopPop & Grandma.

Up early to quite a cool and dewy morning and did the last minute packing up and then headed off at 8.36am.

Even though bit was quite windy and cool we had a good drive to Port Neill where we stopped and had morning tea and then made our way to Cowell where we stopped and had lunch and then went to the Jade Motel where the girls all went in to look at the Jade for sale.

After some time there we headed off again and made our way to the free camp at Point Lowly, CAW 6 #663. arriving around 2.30pm and we will stay here for a couple of nights.

Again it is a terrific spot but the wind is blowing in form the south and quite strong and VERY COLD!!!! so we are rugged up inside again tonight. Just checked the weather on Weatherzone and it states that the wind is gusting up to 35KPH

Will go into Whyalla to do some shopping etc tomorrow and re-fuel and then will make our way further on Thursday. Probably head to Burra where we will camp for the night before heading to the free camp at Berri.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 17 Point Lowly & Whyalla - 30/5/2012


We hope you have a really fantastic time on your 6th Birthday and have the greatest day ever. We love you lots & lots,

PopPop & Grandma.

Was up bright and early this morning - the wind had settled down overnight and it was a beautiful still night till about 5am when the breeze picked up again, from the East this time and was quite cool.

We had breakfast, cleaned up and then went to town and had a trip around town and then we dropped the girls off to do some "more shopping" and I went and re-fuelled the car and then 'Beau the Wonder Dog' and I came back to camp and looked after the vans whilst the others 'enjoyed themselves' in town.

Whilst waiting for them to come back I decided to avail myself of some of my oysters, so I finished off the remaining ones I had in one bag and boy have I suffered this afternoon. Have been on the loo trying to overfill it in one fell swoop. LOL I still have quite a few left but I think I will just take my time with them as having too many at once definitely does not agree with my system.

Bill & Phil finally came back to camp so we just sat around and chatted while we waited for the girls to come back from their 'shopping spree'.

The wind turned to the South again and got quite cold this afternoon so we have all rugged up inside and are keeping nice and warm.

Tomorrow we will part ways with Phil and Ann after we get to Port Pirie. They are continuing on down to Adelaide and we are heading West to Burra and hope to stay at Burra Gorge CAW 6 #298 tomorrow night before heading to Berri and Martins Bend Campground CAW #163 on Friday, and Bill will visit with an Aunty of his and then we will make our way to Mildura on Saturday.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

This morning's beautiful sunrise

Grandma & Beau at one of the lookouts overlooking Whyalla

Phil, Ann & Ros at the lookout

Our campsite at Point Lowly

Panormaic view of this morning's sunrise

Day 18 – Point Lowly to Burra Creek Gorge – 31/5/2012

 Up bright and early did our last minute packing up and headed off at 8.06am. We all went and utilised the dump point 1st and then made our way towards Port Augusta.

Phil & Ann have decided to come with us today to Burra and spend their last day with us and then they will head their own way to Adelaide on Friday morning.

Stopped at Harry's Shed just outside Port Pirie but this time we didn't buy a heap of the expensive jams etc. I just bought some more pepperoni and bier sticks which are truly great, and don?t cost the earth like the other stuff does. We also had morning tea there and then made our way to Burra where Phil had to re-fuel so we decided to have lunch there as well.

After lunch we made our way to Burra Creek Gorge Campground CAW 6 #298 arriving around 1.30pm and set up camp and had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the glorious sunshine etc. We were even able to have a nice small campfire that night until the cold air settled right in and we ran out of firewood so we headed off for the warmth of our vans and into bed.

Had a wonderful nights sleep and it started raining throughout the night, not heavy but constant in stages.

The campground is a wonderful spot and we will definitely come back and stay there for a longer period next time we are over this way.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Lunch spot at Burra

Relaxing at Burra Creek Gorge

Another view of our campsites

Campground at Burra Creek Gorge

Day 19 – Burra Creek Gorge to Martins Bend Campground, Berri – 01/6/2012

Had a wonderful nights sleep but awoke to an overcast sky and rainy morning. Packed up and then headed off in the rain at 8.15am heading towards Morgan.

Had a nice easy trip and made it to Morgan where Bill topped up his sub tank with fuel and we then made our way to Berri arriving at Martins Bend Campground CAW 6 # 163 around 10.30am.

On arrival we saw the caretaker and booked in. It is a free camp with maximum stay of 30 days allowed, has male and female toilets as well as a dump point. He suggested we walk around and find our spots as there are some low overhanging trees in various places which can make negotiating your van a tad difficult.

We walked around and finally found a nice spot so went and set up and not long after we arrive the cacophony of generators started with various other campers using their generators to charge their batteries.

After being so used to camping without one these days they do sound quite loud now when we hear them. But to each his own and as long as they don't annoy us with them we don't mind.

After setting up, Bill & Ros headed off to visit with his Aunty & cousin and we had morning tea and then just sat around till lunch time, had some lunch and then went for a drive into town, re-fueled and did some grocery shopping and then came back and rested for the afternoon.

There is a 'Cheap as Chips' store here as well and Ros rang Marie and said it is apparently the largest in the Sthn Hemisphere, so you guessed it off they went this afternoon in search of some 'bargains'. LOL

We will only stay here the night and then head to Buronga, and as the weather forecast is for rain over the next few days we have decided we will stay at the Riverside Caravan Park again, as the grey soil on the banks of the river can get very slippery when wet. We will stay there for 2 days so Bill & Ros can have a good look around Mildura and the district and then we will make our way to Nyah Recreation Reserve CAW 6 #333 again for another couple of days, so Bill & Ros can have a good look around Swan Hill etc before we part our ways and they will head for Shepparton to visit with Ros' brother and we will start making our way home via Tocumwal etc.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Campground at Burra Creek Gorge

Our campsite at Martin's Bend

Another view of the campground

Day 20 – Martins Bend Campground, Berri to Buronga – 02/6/2012


We hope you have a really, really wonderful day on your 3rd Birthday and have the greatest day ever.

We love you lots & lots,

PopPop & Grandma.

Up early again packed up and hit the road at 8.00am and headed for Renmark and then Mildura.

It is a cold and wintery day this morning with the wind blowing from the south which is keeping the temperatures way down, but it is nice and warm in the car and we are comfy.

Had a good trip to Mildura and we made our way to the Riverside Caravan Park at Buronga arriving at 11.15am where we are booked in for 2 nights.

It's really cold and windy here too, so after we wet up, had a nice warm cup of tea and then Grandma wanted to go shopping in Mildura so we went to Cheap as Chips, and Sam's Warehouse. She also wanted to go to Dimmey's but it was closed having shut as 1pm and is not open on Sundays either.

Came back to the warmth of the van and rugged up inside for the afternoon.

When we were at Berri Bill & Ros went and visited his Aunty & cousin and his cousin recommended a Pizza place in Mildura which makes great wood fired pizzas, so we decided to have pizza for dinner tonight.

Found the place on the net so we rang and ordered and went and picked them up and they were very tasty indeed.

Stayed rugged up and warm inside during the night as it was quite cold outside.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Day 21 – Buronga – 03/6/2012

 Woke to a cold morning with it being only 4°C outside and the wind making it feel like it was -14°C it really bites right through you.

Had breakfast and then at 11am went into town so Grandma could do some more shopping at Spotlight etc and then we went and re-fuelled the car, (found it the cheapest here for all of the trip so far at 150.9cpl) and also bought some fresh bread and then came back to the van and again stayed inside as it is too cold to venture outside in the wind.

Will start packing some things up a bit later as we are heading for Nyah Recreation Reserve CAW 6 #333 tomorrow morning.

Catch you out there,

PopPop & Grandma & Beau the Wonder Dog

Buronga Riverside Caravan Park

The 2 sites at Buronga with the river in the background

Our site at Buronga

The view of the 'Mighty Murray River' from Bill & Ros' van

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